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9 Reasons To Love Being Single

10 Reasons To Love Being Single

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1. Your moods are not fused to a text or phone call.

When you’re single, you are free from the clutches of a personal mobile. No worries if you “digitally” drop off the earth for a few days. On the flip side, there’s no gut wrenching pain if you haven’t heard from a man or woman all weekend.

2.  You can take up the whole bed and keep your place as clean or dirty as you wish.

Sometimes, couples bicker about basic lifestyle habits, like how often the dishes should be cleaned, how many covers should be on the bed at night, or whose turn it is to clean the cat’s litter box.

Single women and men are free to sleep diagonally in a queen size bed with the fan on high and the windows open, if desired.


3. You can peruse

Being single is an exciting time to talk to different kinds of potential partners, experiment with new methods of dating like or singles’ groups, flirt with someone just for fun, and ultimately gain deeper insight into your wants and needs.

And hey, maybe you’ll find “the one” along the way.

10 Reaons To Love Being Single

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4. You can travel anytime & any place without any extra baggage.

For the single woman or man, a trip to Vegas, New York, Europe, or the Bahamas can be an exciting excursion filled with unlimited possibilities. No need to check in with or worry about a partner back at home.

(Though, you might need to figure out who will change the cat box.)

5. The phrase “jealous / apprehensive about [blank]” is not in your lexicon.

Fidelity means committing physically and emotionally to another person. The ways that a couple experiences their fidelity is often characterized by lots of emotions….

…emotions that the single man or woman doesn’t need to worry about.

6. You can plan your life without a significant other’s needs or commitments.

Many critical life choices can be restricted by a partner’s needs. Incorporating a partner into your life plan is, after all, the point of a commitment.

For the single person, a big move or risky venture is an opportunity to live your life to its fullest. Unless you have children, your choices are yours to make without owing anything to anyone else.

7. You can save (or splurge) on yourself, for yourself.

As a relationship becomes more and more committed, financials are increasingly interlocked. Married individuals make important financial decisions as a unit. This can be reassuring, but if you’re in a marriage or serious relationship with someone who is financially careless, it can be detrimental to your credit and security.

Credit card statements are under your name exclusively. And unless you have commitments to children or family, you can handle your money as you see fit.


8. Your feelings are not influenced by someone else

When you’re in a serious relationship, your partner’s highs and lows can become entwined with your own emotions.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is having money problems, issues at work, family drama, car troubles, anything, it’s natural to feel what they feel and will the best for them.

That’s nice when you’re in a committed, supportive relationship, but it can also be draining emotionally.

When you’re single, you are able to fully experience your emotions independently, and develop a healthy amount of resilience, self-respect, and inner-love.

In doing so, you’ll be able to truly know and love yourself.

9. You can focus on loving yourself in the ways that you need.

Ultimately, “singledom” is a priceless opportunity to focus on yourself.

Learning to take proper care of yourself, being present for yourself, and being kind to yourself on the inside instills a solid inner foundation that cannot be replicated in a relationship.

I encourage you to curl up, grab your journal, a good book, or a fun comedy, and be content being with the person you’ve learned to love dearly:


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  1. Katrina says:

    I’ve been single for well over 14 years. By choice might I say, and reading through your reasons I kinda chuckled . With the exception of one which was the , I am on point with all the rest. Over the years rather than subjecting myself to dysfunctional relationships and all of the things that go along with them, I choose to do me. And if by chance that person never enters my life I will not
    have lost or gained anything but my own happiness. It’s great to know but you are not alone in your manner of thinking I enjoyed your post.

    1. Selena says:

      I agree with you. I chose to be single because I feel a relationship makes me lose sight in who I really am and really want to be. I have no problem with picking the right guys who meet my criteria, It’s just deep down inside I prefer to be single. I have not been a fan of the marriage thing or having children so I really do not see the point in being in a relationship. GRANTED if the future holds those cards for me, so be it.

  2. Manila Rone-Wells says:

    Amen to the single woman! I’m loving being single learning who I am. I especially love the quite time spent reading and mediating on God’s word. I gain so much insight… I’m glad to see my children/ grands when they come also glad when they leave.. Thanks for sharing Kimberely.. God bless you.

    1. Lorraine Etheridge says:

      I 64 yrs young…been divorce more than 20yrs and absolutely love the freedom from marriage…Abuse physical and mental…being cheated on… never ever again. Now my coming and going not questioned…Love my grands (3) they live with their parents…The pure joy of not having to share my time with anyone unless I choose to is priceless. Just loving my space…and my time into the WORD is just awesome…I.cook when I want too….now that is a pleasure…retired now and life is even sweeter

  3. Shelly says:

    This article is so liberating because there was times when I thought something was wrong with being single. It’s just more time for you to get to know yourself better.

  4. Tammy Pompey says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    This post was such a lift to my spirit. I sometimes feel like people who are single are placed in a lonely category when some of us are just the opposite. I enjoy being single and am very happy with my life. One day I will venture into the world of relationship but for now the one relationship I’m trying to improve is the one I have with myself. Thank you again for such an inspiring post!!

  5. Diana Black says:

    I tried being along and I went back into a relationship that I knew wasnt good for me. My daughter is tiered of seeing me crying I am so tiered. How can some men be so cruel. This man has left me with nothing and I gave everything. Please pray for me.

  6. sue george says:

    You are so right the years i spent being married and jumping into another I understand to love myself more I love being able to come home to my home its a replica of me I love it, the journey I take now I appreciate life more, and love living alone, so I thank you for your expiration.

    1. SAMUEL says:


  7. ReesieJ says:

    This is the perfect expressions of SINGLE-dom. It’s all about enjoying yourself, before you share yourself with someone else. How can you know what you life, how you should be treated, and how you want to be loved if you haven’t taken the time to evaluate these things.

  8. ShayRenee says:

    This was great! I have recently become single and I’m happy and content with loving me right now. In every relationship I’ve been in I was always the doer and I’m over it, I want for someone to care for me just as much as I do for them. So right now I’ll be doing that for me, until my love life come rescue me.. (-;

    1. bridgett Robinson says:

      it was same with me as well…i was the doer and the pusher, let’s do this! let’s go here! now i am having a hard time, finding myself and cant get comfy, being single…. i am having panic attacks!!!! crazy stuff.

  9. csrolyn says:

    Thanks for article. I’ve dated and have been married seperated 4 yrs. I’m 53. I love being by myself. I don’t have to fit into no one’s and I mean no one’s box and be trapped there. 😉

  10. Jackie Coleman says:

    I really appreciate the information in this section. We are so bombarded with all of the “married” information and drama that it is easy to feel invisible. I am also from Minneapolis. I grew up there mostly on the north side, proud graduate of North Community High School. I now live in Kansas City where it is very difficult to meet people. Most of my coworkers are married, therefore the lunch time is filled with their “shop talk”. Thank you for these tips as well as others on the website.

  11. lisha freeman says:

    I am in a relationship, and I miss being single.. There are days where I am OK being with someone. But that’s just it; I am just OK in the relationship.. This article should be advertised on every women restroom, every tampon box..

  12. Sheilla says:

    I’ve been single for 3yrs now and I love it. Its my first time ever being single & with two kids on top of that but to be honest with you guys thanks to God its been a blessing. I manged to finish school, land my dream job and the best part of if all my kids get my entire time. No more worrying about answering to a man that wasted 16yrs out of life. I’m healthier & very content with the way things are going in my life. I love this article, it hit the nail in the head. Thank you Elise!

  13. Denyse says:

    Thank you so much for this post..I’m 64..divorced 5 years..been on 3 dating sites for the last year..I’m going to stay single for a while and get
    into me❤️

  14. Ogem says:

    As much as I sometimes want companionship,I love my freedom to do whatever and however I want anything, I mean anything at all

  15. Caramel96 says:

    I love this. I was in a relationship for 12 years and it ended January 2012. I have been single and celibate ever since. I have been on but have never been on a date and I also met someone but we have only talked on the phone. I am just enjoying being single at this time. One day I will find that someone special but I am not rushing. I LOVE BEING SINGLE FOR NOW.

  16. barbara perkins says:

    in respond to being single. as for me its by some point in life i think we all has a desire to have a mate thats the way we were design by god. but until i can find someone
    to sure my happiness with i will remain single.

  17. Hope says:

    Wow, Thanks Kimberly. You totally looked into my soul with this. I’ve been struggling with my decision to move on from a 6-year broken relationship. My daughter decided to go to school out of state. So I made the decision to move so that she would qualify for in-state tuition. But really this was also a chance for me to have a fresh start. I’m loving life as single woman in a new city.

    I’ve browsed both & I’m excited about meeting new people but for now I’m even more excited about meeting myself. Somehow I lost myself in that broken relationship. So here’s to finding me and enjoying my life as a single girl again!

  18. Nikki says:

    I have been single for the past two years and though I sometime yearn for the warmth and comfort of male companionship the drama which sometimes is associated with a committed relationship deters me from getting involved intimately with anyone.. love living for me and my two daughters…exploring myself , learning from my past… maybe someday I will find that someone that ignites the desire within to get hitch again… until then #singleandlovingit

  19. Biblink says:

    U cant belief how fine, free ,comfortable , strength and money saving being single can . i support Kims points above and above all freedom from heart breaks .God knows i dont have plans to date any time even in the next 2 years

  20. Gigi Love says:

    I love this post. I’ve been single since 2005 and it’s been a journey. I’m in college pursuing my dreams and I’m finding peace in that. I was on several dating sites, but I got off because it scared me. Lol!

  21. sparkle dedrick says:

    Thank you i needed that i been single for a month and a half i love beening single i am going to stay single for a while

  22. Keetah says:

    I thought of my freedom to come and go as I please, sleep the way I want and spend my money the way I want. None of the other reasons ever crossed my mind. I must admit I would love to travel and go on outings. Unfortunately for me I am so picky. He will meet me one day!
    Thanks Kim

  23. Bernadette Bowens says:

    Very good article. It has made me rethink some things and weigh the pros and cons of staying single.

    Is it me, my computer, or is the tenth reason missing?


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