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2016 Do Good Be Green Conference

On November 5th, Love Goodly hosted its first Do Good Be Green event in Los Angeles. It brought together eco-fashionistas and beauty brands for a day of exploration and learning.

By: Leah Thomas

When I arrived at the event, I was met with smiling faces that checked me in and gave me info about the set up. I found my way to one of the vendor stations with around a dozen businesses per room. People were able to network with brands, from eco-friendly toothbrushes to nail polish manufacturers, and test out their products. One of best parts was seeing the variety of Eco-friendly and plant-based products that could be easy substituted for other non-vegan options.

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I was particularly intrigued by the food brands that offered samples (yum!). The cookie dough and chocolate chip-flavored crunch bites from Rawxies were one of my favorites. This vegan brand has sweet and savory flavors that can be mixed in with salads, pastas, smoothies, and even desserts.

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2016-do-good-be-green-conference-8520I attended an incredible panel discussion about the future of beauty, featuring Paige Padgett, who was recently interviewed on our site. She discussed beauty tips found in her book, The Green Beauty Rules, such as 2016-do-good-be-green-conference-0448

Avoiding Parabens, Perfume, and Petrochemicals –The Three P’s.

One of the main points I took away from the discussion was compromise. When pursuing a green-beauty lifestyle, you don’t have to punish yourself for continuing to use some major brands. Certain products are not found naturally, like a 24-hour lipstick or a matte gloss.

It’s okay to give yourself some wiggle room in your beauty routine. 

Author Leah Thomas with Love Goodly member Ally Virna

Event Takeaways 

  • Finding vegan alternatives is easy with a quick Google search
  • Not all items marked with a rabbit symbol are truly cruelty-free; most animal testing happens in development stages in a lab before items are sent to a cosmetics company
  • Don’t judge others when they’re in the beginning phases of transitioning to a natural lifestyle. Be a positive influence readily available for advice
  • Uplift small plant-based companies competing against larger brands

We were gifted with our very own Love Goodly Subscription box at the end of the event. Unlike other similar boxes, all products had a combined value of over $80. Some of my favorites inside the box included: a full sized bottle of Linne Botanicals face wash, a Flash Tattoo, and a highly-pigmented black eyeshadow from Australian vegan makeup line, Lippy Girl.

Interested in other vegan brands? Check out Laurel Whole Plant Organics.

Other gifts from the event included organic protein powder, Hello Mellow lip balm, a Veg News magazine, coconut oil, and LUX vegan nail lacquer.

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