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Let Your Inner Light Shine In 2018 with Kimberly Elise!

Hello, 2018!

This year on Kimberly Elise Natural Living, it’s our goal help you shine! Your light is an amazing force and we believe that you can change the Earth, make an impact in your neighborhoods and communities, and share the conversation about Natural Living with a positive mindset.


To us, Natural Living means being authentically you, while living in harmony with the earth. Natural beauty and natural hair mean letting your inner light shine from the inside out. But first, you need the correct information.

To guide you, we’re speaking to experts about some more advanced topics, like what kind of ingredients to avoid in your hair care routine.

Shining from the inside out also begins with a healthy diet. We can’t wait to have conversations with food bloggers, nutritionists, and vegan chefs about clean eating!

Vegan actress Kimberly Elise also wants to empower men and African American business owners. That’s why we’re featuring business leaders in our communities, sharing their stories, and offering inspiration to you so you can achieve your dreams.

Kimberly’s having the conversation with you – you can speak with her directly on Facebook.

And of course, don’t forget to relax in 2018 and find ways to de-stress. We plan to work on meditation and prayer together in the New Year, as well as Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and other types of Eastern-related medicine. Let’s share our experiences as we explore alternative medicine.

Finally, sustainability is important to vegan natural actress Kimberly Elise. Therefore, we intend to align with non-profits to offer more resources, guides, and commentary about the environment and the Earth to help protect our planet. 

We look forward to speaking with you and having the conversation in 2018!

Actress Kimberly Elise + Editorial Team


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