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3 Hacks To Care For Yourself When You Don’t Have Time

As a busy mom, I struggle with finding time to care for myself. For me, Among caring for my 3-year-old, working from home full-time, running a blog, and housework – not to mention the draining effects of being pregnant – at the end of the day, I am too tired to do anything else.  

Sometimes it can be tough to find the time to care for yourself properly.  But whether you have a demanding job, young children, or both, your well-being and health should not and do not have to suffer.   These are the times you have to consciously choose to scrounge up your grit and push through the obstacles to keep working toward your goal, whatever it may be. 

By: Cassie Phillips

People often fill their task lists with wasteful or draining activities, thinking they’re helping those they love.

Most of the time, however, investing in your own health and energy lets you care for others in a more effective and loving manner.

Here are three ways I’ve discovered to help you take care of yourself when you feel overburdened.

1.  Morning Routine Wellness Hack

We all have a morning routine, whether it involves rushing to shower and eating breakfast on the way out the door to work, or slouching into our comfy chairs and watching morning talk shows. Morning routines are one of the perfect areas we can modify to cater to our wellness needs.


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There’s no escaping your morning routine, which is why this method is so powerful. Think about it now: what does your morning routine consist of? Could you insert a 10-minute meditation session? Or a 15-minute yoga workout?

If not, the answer lies in the time you wake each day.

You have control over when you wake up each morning and you can give yourself time by going to bed just a bit earlier.

After all, do you really do anything at your best during the last few hours of the night?

I personally give myself an extra 20 minutes and use it for guided meditation using a phone app. In the mornings, I stick to meditating for short sessions, from 10-20 minutes in length. The great thing about this is that you can take it anywhere you go. With enough practice, you can meditate or focus anywhere.

Learn To Meditate In 5 Simple Steps


Re-examine  your morning routine and see what you can replace or do more efficiently. Write out a list and make a commitment to change one thing at a time. Eventually you’ll find this new attitude toward taking care of yourself becoming a habit, and your results will begin to compound.

aroma foundry2. Nutritional Dietinggrocery-shopping

We all eat, so adjusting our existing diet is a relatively easy effort. This can be a gradual or immediate process, in which you simply replace unhealthy foods with healthier options.

Whether you eat out during the day or take food with you, you are in control of what you eat.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet? Here are a few tips.

Find a diet plan that works for you and try to incorporate those ideas into your eating habits and meals. You can use an app that acts as a grocery list, inventory tracker, and cost estimator, which can help you stick to your diet plan and alert you when you need to restock. This saves time, stress, and the worry about what to have for dinner on any given evening.

Tip: Be sure to use a secure connection with diet planning apps, since they usually require personal information and are used in public spaces.

Want to make some diet adjustments, but not sure where to start? Check out the Healthiest Superfruits To Add To Your Grocery List.


3. Take Advantage of Sleep

Lastly, are you getting enough sleep? Do you stay up late at night, but still wake up early? If so, you’re most likely not sleeping healthily.

Adults should get around eight hours of sleep each night. Without those 8 hours, we just aren’t as energetic or efficient as we could be, no matter what part of our lives we’re talking about.

Cant sleep? Check out these 4 Hacks to Help You Fall Asleep in 15 Minutes Or Less.

Everyone falls asleep differently, but I’d recommend taking technology out of the bedroom. Also, be mindful of your diet before you go to bed (caffeine-free tea is fine, junk food is not so good).

It got easier for me when I became more mindful and aware of my sleep schedule and just how tired I was. Our bodies work hard over the course of the day and often, we don’t realize how much we need rest.

What else would you change about your day to improve your life? Is there anything that is particularly difficult for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Cassie-Phillips-Author-Photo-HeadshotAuthor Bio 

Cassie is a health and tech blogger with a keen passion for wellness. She enjoys spreading awareness of how we can use our existing lifestyle and routines to enhance our level of well-being. You can read more of her articles on eHealthInformer

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