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3 Places To Make Friends As An Adult

Though it may have seemed like an impossible feat at the time, making friends as a kid is about as easy as it gets.

Even if you were shy or weird (or both, like me), adolescence is the easiest time in life to make friends and keep these friends for life. Perhaps it’s the automatic grouping of youth by classes in school or extracurricular activities that makes making friends easy when we’re young. When we age out of school, acquiring friends becomes significantly more difficult. With bills to pay and crazy work schedules, it becomes increasingly harder to meet new people as an adult.

And, as you know… “adulting” can be hard. The good news is, it’s definitely not impossible. Here are three places that are proven to be good spots to make a new friend:

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Make friends at your favorite coffee shop.

See someone reading one of your favorite books or wearing a t-shirt from your alma mater? That is more than enough reason to say a quick hello!

You never know what can come of small talk. It can be an invitation to join a book club or finding out you have mutual friends from college.

And once you start sharing your favorite books together, perhaps the two of you can also check out these 5 books.

The gym or a workout class is a perfect place to make friends.

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Though sometimes the gym is better known as a place where people go to look for a date, it’s also a good place to make platonic friends as well.

Consistently seeing each other at the gym at the same times and suffering through workouts together can definitely build camaraderie. Perhaps you can meet a new friend while trying out cardio barre.

Who knows? Your new BFF could be burning calories on the elliptical right next to you. Before you know it, you could be hanging out outside of the gym.

A dinner party is where you borrow your friends’ friends.

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The dinner party is my favorite place to meet new people. Something about being in someone’s home with friends of friends is a bit less scary than meeting folks in the wild.

Additionally, it’s almost as if these potential new friends have already passed the first test, since they’re already acquainted with someone you know. Don’t be afraid to chat with someone new and exchange contact info!

Adulthood doesn’t mean it’s too late to make new friends! No matter where you are, all it takes is a little bravery and bit of conversation to open yourself up to brand new acquaintances.

What other places have you befriended people? Let us know in the comments below!

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