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3 Things To Invest In Now

True or False: We women invest plentiful in, well… things.

We can admit that we have invested a lot in makeup and coffee runs. And treating ourselves to our favorite lipstick is great, but there are many different ways we can invest in our wholesomeness.

By: Tammy Murga

A well-rounded investment in yourself ensures an evergreen and stress-free future.

Here are 3 things you can start investing in now:

1. Your Health

Investing in our health is, ironically, a cake of its own. From exercising, to dieting to personal care product use, your overall health is maintained in several layers. Giving a little extra time or attention now can help prevent illnesses, rather than reacting to them later.

Because there are so many different ways you can improve your health, start with a group of simple steps:invest-health-yoga-exercise

Exercise – Invest 30 minutes a day in walking or running, or lay a mat down for a quick yoga sesh. You don’t necessarily need to spend on a gym membership or spare hours out of your already-busy schedule.

  • Healthy diet – Take a little more time in the kitchen and less money eating out. Ingredients like brown rice, grape seed oil, and more greens on your plate are bound to pay off as you age.
  • Personal care products – Real ingredients on your hair and skin have healthy, long-lasting results. Grow lavender to help relieve stress. It’s great on your skin and looks beautiful in a pot!

Try Kimberly Elise’s Alchemy 27, a scalp elixir containing 27 real, whole, natural ingredients.



2. Your Education

You’ve probably heard that the only thing more expensive than investing in education is not investing in education. According to College Board’s Education Pays study, higher education benefits all aspects of life, like maintaining a healthy weight and more than just monetary benefits. No matter your educational background, investing in this fundamental right can affect your life tomorrow. You can:

  • Return to school – There are numerous benefits to going back to school, including lowering your risk of unemployment, improving your focus, and feeling more economically secure. Read more about it here.
  • Explore new areas – Develop more skills for your future with new classes. Sign up for courses that challenge you and are out of your comfort zone. Whether you decide to take a spin class or business course, your investment in learning or trying something new is never a waste.

3. Your Savings


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When we talk about investing, money is usually what comes to mind first. And that is important for our future.

Most women, today, are becoming less dependent on their husbands and more independent to ensure a financially-stable and secure life for their families, or themselves as single women. That’s made possible through investing. Here’s how you can start:

  • Create a budget list – Manage your money by making a list of how much money you earn and how much you spend. When you spend less than what you make, you create a balanced economic environment, leaving you space to add money to a savings account and invest in your retirement or stocks.
  • Try robo-advisors – Explore an inexpensive way to manage your finances with robo-advisors. You can start investing with as little as $5, steering you to invest in broad-based stock and larger. You can learn more about this concept here.

International Women’s Day may have ended, but we can still #BeBoldforChange. Start by investing in yourself and your future.

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