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3 Ways A Reader Shows Her Natural Beauty

How do you express your natural beauty?

Just a few months ago, Kimberly celebrated her 50th birthday and invited everyone to create an Instagram video, sharing thoughts on Alchemy 27 and the ways you express your natural beauty.

Here’s another Instagrammer who caught our eyes and ears.

Meet Stacy Patrice from the Southside in Chicago. She’s an artist, practicing yogini, and intuitive healer.


Stacy radiates her natural beauty through:

1. Soul Healing: cultivating sacred space for herself and living consciously at all times

2. Skipping the Makeup: keeping a fresh face and intentionally wearing no makeup to avoid any reactions from her skin

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3. Rocking her natural hair to allow her textures express what they please.

Are you newly natural? Read up on these natural haircare basics to nurture your new mane.

P.S. Stacy and her son are both “proud to be nappy”. How refreshing to hear a young-man-in-the-making embracing his natural hair, too!

Don’t have natural hair? Check out how to style the perfect bun for any hairtype.

Thanks for being an inspiration and sharing your positive vibes with the world, Stacy!

Follow Stacy on Instagram: @soulyoginisp  or
Check out her Soul Healing programs at

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How do you show your natural beauty? Share with us in the comments!

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