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4 Creative Ways to Better Your Office Space


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If you’re a work-at-home maven or a cubicle queen, you know that setting the right vibes for your office space is important.

Here’s how to make your office better so that you’re the most productive and inspired.

Declutter your work space by getting rid of unnecessary items from your desk.

My office space is smack dab in the middle of my living room so cleanliness is a must. The best way to keep your office clear of clutter and mess is to tidy up at the end of each work day. When you do this, you will arrive at a clean, organized desk at the start of your work day.

4 Creative Ways to Better Your Office Space

By: Toni elleax Zargari

Implement an organizing system that you can stick to.

There’s a reason why most offices have a filing system or a room full of file cabinets — an organized office is the best office. When you implement an organizing system that you can stick to, you subconsciously organize your mind, your goals, and your workflow.

With an organized desk or office, you won’t have to spend time looking for paperwork or important documents because everything will have its place.

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Photo By: Luisa Brimble

Dress up your desk with colors & plants that inspire you while allowing you to focus on your work.

I am in love with the minimalist approach when it comes to my office space. I like simple colors, white, black and an accent color that motivates me. What colors speak to you? Decorate your office with colors that inspire you so that you make the workplace a fun place to be. By choosing the right colors and decorative pieces for your office, you will give your workplace some feng shui! For more ways to add feng shui to your home, read this article.

Use plants to add life to your desk, but make sure you pick low-maintenance plants that won’t die if you happen to neglect them. Succulents are popular go-to plants these days.

home office peace at work

Photo By: Jeff Sheldon

Add family photos, a dream board, or a visual things to do list, but make sure that you use your space wisely.

If you’re working in a pro office with co-workers, a boss, and the whole sha-bang, try not to add too many personal images that will distract you and others around you. Stick with three to five images that remind you of peace, love, and the reason why you go to work everyday. Since, a clean, organized desk is key to staying productive, remember to keep your photos and visual art neat.

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