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4 Seasonal Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Brussels_sprouts_picIf you want to incorporate better eating habits into your routine and you want to strengthen your heart, you’re in luck! We’ve found a few seasonal super foods that will nourish your cells, and help naturally guide your body to its ideal weight.

You can do it with us, one seasonal veggie or fruit at a time. We’ve compiled a list of delicious high-nutrient foods, which will lead to weight loss, strong health, and longevity.


4 Seasonal Foods To Help You Lose Weight


1. Blood Oranges For Weight Loss

OrangeBlood Oranges are one of my favorite fruits.  They differ from oranges as they have 40% more vitamin C and antioxidants which gives them their beautiful red coloring.  Blood oranges taste like oranges that have a slight berry flavor. I love incorporating blood oranges in salsas for a zesty tang and in a sangria for a fun girl’s night. Pick blood oranges that are firm and dense, heavy for their size.

If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t eat too many blood oranges. Although they are packed with nutrients, they’re also packed with sugar, which will affect insulin levels and make you feel hungry.



Brussels_sprouts_pic2. Brussel Sprouts For Weight Loss

You might have resisted eating brussel sprouts as a kid, but try them again as an adult. You might find yourself preferring oven baked brussel sprouts to the truffle fries at restaurants! Aside from being a staple starter, brussel sprouts are low fat, a good source of fiber, and rich in folate.

Folate is especially important as people cannot synthesize folate on their own and need to absorb folate through food.  Folate is crucial for cell division which is why many women take folate supplements during their pregnancy as it prevents many pre-natal diseases.  Brussel sprouts are best when they are bought on the stalk and can be stored up to the refrigerator for a week.


3. Kale For Weight Loss

Kale is the ubiquitous superfood of the health world.  It shines as a detoxifier in juices, doubles the nutritional value of meals and salads, and relieves the guilt of junk food snack munchers as an alternative to chips.  People transform into kale fanatics due to its nutritionally dense leaves that are high in fiber and iron.  Kale has high concentrations of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and glucosinolates, a compound that reduces the risk of cancer.

Although kale is available year-round, it reaches peak in the winter, is it is cheaper and more delicious around January and February.  Kale has been integrated very creatively into people’s diets as it has been juiced, steamed, pressure cooked, boiled, and sauteed but it is delivers the most nutrients and vitamins uncooked in salads.  When buying kale avoid yellow leaves.  Smaller, thinner leaves tend to be more tender and less bitter.  Kale can keep up to five days, and do not prewash as it spoils faster in the fridge.


4. Cherimoya For Weight Loss

Although Mark Twain said the cherimoya is “the most delicious fruit to known to men” I had never tried one until college.  Known as a custard apple for its creamy fleshy interior, it tastes like a mixture of different fruits.  Because of its custardy inside cherimoyas are best enjoyed cut in half, and spooned like ice cream.

Do not eat the big brown seeds, they are very bitter.  Cherimoyas are high in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Lightly press the green skin of the cherimoya (like you would an avocado) to check for ripeness.

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