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4 Practical Ways To Think Positively & Have More Joy


Shifting your thinking may not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely possible. It takes time, patience, and persistence. The key to learning how to think positive is taking it one step at a time.

You begin with small things.

4 Practical Ways to Think Positive & Have More Joy

By: Tamara of Caramel Lattes & Stilettos

1. Set a reminder to think positive.

We have alerts on our phones for all kinds of things. From being reminded of that important meeting to a romantic date night, automatic reminders are great for helping us not to forget the important things in life. A practical way to remind yourself to think positive is by setting a reminder to create a list of three things that happened in your day that were positive.

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You can also set a reminder each hour that says, “What are you grateful for?” Once the alert pops up, stop, reflect, and answer to yourself. A simple game like this will bring more positive vibes and joy into your life. When you are focused on gratitude, it makes navigating the not so good situations a bit easier, and generally leads to more healthy living and a positive state of mind.


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2. Be mindful.

You have to be willing to pay attention to all of the things happening, good and not so good if you want to learn how to think positive. Being conscious of your feelings will allow for you to notice when you’re not in a place of joy. Whenever you feel you’re not at your best, take some time to change the way you feel.

There are going to be situations that happen that are not ideal, but be mindful not to stay focused on those things for too long. Energy and your thoughts are important. When you call for more positive vibes, you will receive them. Read “9 Ways to Prevent Stress & Burnout” to learn how to prevent stressful situations by being mindful.

3. Take inventory.

When we take inventory of the things that have happened in our day, we become more aware of those situations and the triggers to or the environments that can foster more positivity in our lives. There could be things happening around you daily that you’ve never paid attention to. Once we take inventory, we are forced to focus on those things, big and small.

A good way to take inventory of positive things is through prayer. Here are “5 Prayer Tips to Make Your Day Less Insane.” 

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4. Write down what you’re grateful for.

With written record in a journal or a memo on your cell phone, you will get a glance back at the amazing things that happened in your day that you may forget about later. When you go back and review your positivity journal days, weeks, and even years later, you’ll spark gratitude all over again!

I’ve been doing this lately and I can say that it has changed my outlook on things. I’ve always been the glass is half full type, but being more focused on gratitude has helped me to look forward to things improving and being more open to the fact that I can be in control of my moods. It’s not easy, but after encouraging myself with notes and reminders, it has become more second nature.

Focusing on thinking positive allows me to be more encouraging to my peers and loved ones as well. I’ve decreased stress, and also have become more aware of those in my life that suck the energy from me.

Challenge yourself to focus on positive thoughts and see how quickly things can change!



Tamara is the founder of Caramel Lattes & Stilettos, a blog for women that focuses on love, relationships, women’s health, and parenting. Lover of words, flowers, and cupcakes, Tamara has a passion for writing. Tamara is a Jill of All Trades, working as a romance novel ghostwriter and a freelance makeup artist. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Tamara spent twelve years working as a licensed clinical social worker in Atlanta, GA. A mother of two; a twelve year old son & five year old daughter, Tamara is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan who can easily be bribed with a latte and a red velvet cupcake.

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