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5 Afros I Love From Around The Web

[heading_entrance title=”I love a gorgeous afro” text=” For me it shows a woman’s strength, vitality, and confidence.” custom_class=””][/heading_entrance]

I wanted to share some inspiration with you from around the web.

Also, I wanted to know what techniques you use to achieve your beautiful mane! Your tips will help women who are also interested in letting their hair flow free!










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Actress Kimberly Elise is having a workshop on Sunday, January 18 with women in Los Angeles to discuss the care and maintenance of coily hair. Buy tickets today!

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  1. Hey Ms. Elise! This is my first time checking out your page and it is amazing to me to see celebrities with their own different styles. However, it touches my heart to notice so many positive things that you do and promote for others, such as exercising and encourage, embracing being natural; it’s so awesome. My blog has honestly just been about the things that I’ve been battling with inside my head and me trying to find peace through writing. I just recently started it after I lost my son while I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. I love to go back and read them from beginning to end to see how much I’ve grown each day. I just want to be a positive inspiration to other. You are a great role model

  2. Darlene Chandler says:

    I really love that more women are accepting their natural beauty. And what I love even more is that a black woman that is on tv, movies etc… really gets it. Thank you for this and I hope you come to Northern California soon.

  3. Eugene Jones says:

    Bring back the fro’s, Black women are suffering from hair lost from chemicals, and false hair that is coming from un-clean places from around the world. The Afro hair style is very sexy, and dignified… Bring them back ladies; you have suffered long enough.

    1. So true black women y we can’t ourselves our hair r like the clouds c how bless we r so let go natural stop process king our hair right now I got some hair loss from not loving my hair but u never miss the water till well run dry

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