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5 Bad Hair Habits to Break Now

When it comes to hair, we all have a few guilty pleasures that we indulge in despite their damaging effects.


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From excessive heat-styling to chemical processing, some bad habits die hard. Here is a list of 5 bad hair habits to break now if you want a head full of healthy hair.

1. Heat Styling on a Daily

Your hair can go from bravo to breakage very quickly when you use heat excessively for styling. It is one of hair care’s deadliest sins and can stunt growth, lead to frizz, and damage curls, keeping them from snapping back to their original, healthy curl pattern. If heat is a part of your regular routine, slowly, but surely wane yourself off of hot tools by going for styles that do not require straightening by heat. Limit your heat use to once a week or twice a month, if possible.


2. Coloring & Bleaching

While color is creative, cute, and even enhances complexion and style, it is one of the most destructive hair habits. Many dyes include ammonia, which lifts the cuticle from your strands, making it easier for color to seep through. Whenever the cuticle is manipulated from its natural state of being, it is vulnerable to damage. Peroxide, another hair color ingredient, literally breaks down the pigment of your hair, stripping it of its natural color. If coloring and bleaching is a bad hair habit you’re guilty of, do your best to stop it immediately.


3. Daily Washing

Curly hair is no good without moisture. Water is moisture, but too much of it mixed with shampoos can dry it out, leading to breakage, dandruff, and frizz – a bad hair habit that must get kicked out of your hair routine! Determining how often you wash your hair is crucial to its health and growth. Depending your hair type, your hair may only need to be washed once a week. Some hair types do better washing two to three times a week.

4. Daily Styling & Manipulation

Combing and brushing daily can be harmful for some hair types. As much as you want to style your hair differently every day to prevent hair boredom, opt for styles that can last beautifully for at least two or three days. Doing so will help keep your hair from breaking.

5. Forgetting Your Natural Hair Exists

For women who wear weaves, wigs, and other forms of hair extensions, forgetting to take care of your natural hair is a common bad girl habit. Remember, just because it’s out of sight, doesn’t mean it can be neglected. While it’s easy to forget to hydrate and oil your natural hair, it is a habit that must be broken. Leaving your weave or any type of extensions in for too long can cause hair loss, breakage, and even mold.

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