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5 Easy Vegan Recipes To Make Your Mouth Water

Making delicious vegan good meals is very simple; however, it does require a little bit of preparation. We’ve done half the work for you by pulling together a few quick vegan recipes from our favorite websites.

Most of your favorite dishes can be made “vegan” style, while still offering protein, fiber, nutrition, and spicy flavor.


1. Spicy BBQ Chickpea Burgers 

These burgers are packed with flavor. Brown rice, garlic, diced pepper and jalepeno make for a delicious, spicy dish.

You can prepare a batch of patties at once, freeze them, and enjoy a burger whenever you’d like.

Team your burger with your favorite side dish.


Read the full recipe at OhSheGlows. 


2. Smoked Paprika Hummus

Hummus is a creamy middle eastern spread that is packed with fiber, protein, and magnesium. It can be eaten as an appetizer to a main course, or as a snack.

This recipe was developed by the chefs at Candle 79, one of Kimberly’s favorite vegan restaurants in New York City. Most of these ingredients are already in your kitchen, and will spice up your snacking routine.


Read the full recipe at Goop, or in the Candle79 Cookbook.

3. Vegetarian Chili With Chocolate

This chili is super quick and easy to make. The chocolate intensifies the favor, giving it a rich and savory aroma.

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Read the full recipe at Real Simple

4. Fried Plantains with Black Beans, Roasted Poblanos, Avocado, and Pickled Red Onion

Revitalize the old classic with fresh avocado, crunchy red onion, and black beans.



Read the full recipe at Serious Eats

5. Vegan Pizza

Pizza is glorious because it is quite filling and can be made any way that you prefer. Experiment with your favorite vegan toppings, sauce, and crust, or take a few keys from this list of 15 Mind Blowing Awesome Vegan Pizza recipes.


Image courtesy of Serious Eats.

Learn more about why Kimberly became a vegan, or what the difference is between a vegan and a vegetarian.

You can also check out some of our original recipes!

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    June 24, 2014 at 7:38 am

    Good job on becoming a vegan young lady it’s a wonderful like. May the Creator keep blessing you in your every day life. I to have a vegan / vegetarian deli in Chicago call Good Foods along with a alternative clinic and a large community farm . One of my great teachers was Dr. Fulton she worked with many stars for years , Ruby Davis, Dick Gregory along with many more. Well just wanted to send you a big shout out Blessing and always trust in you first thought. Bye now got to go and make someRaw nut kale Taco’s and Almond cheese sauce and some Raw Tuna Cashew with Raw Garlic Crackers.

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