Five Fixes to Feng Shui Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of my favorite places to reflect and center myself.

Whether it be first thing in the morning or the last few moments before bed, the moments that I spend in the shower or brushing my teeth force me to slow my body and brain and think about the opportunities and people in my life that I’m the most grateful for.

Five Fixes to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

By: Chinwe Okona

As the bathroom is an area of waste through which water is constantly cycling through, it is an area that tends to leak energy and accumulates lower vibration. With these simple fixes you can easily better the energy in this space, which will improve the overall energy of your home:

Keep the bathroom door and toilet lid closed

Whenever the toilet flushes, all the of good energy in the vicinty gets taken with it. In order to guard this energy it is important to keep the toilet lid closed when not in use, and especially when flushing. Closing the bathroom door will aid in safeguarding the chi in the rest of your house.


Place a crystal on the tank of the toilet

A crystal on or near the tank of the toilet will help to stabilize the energy that passes through the toilet. Select a crystal whose energy speaks specifically to any needs or voids in your life.

Fix any leaks

In terms of energy, leaks can metaphorically be interpreted as a type of waste. Any waste in your home can manifest as financial waste in your life, as well as a frazzled emotional state. Do yourself a favor and double check your pipes to make sure you don’t run into any issues.


Add mirrors

Mirrors are feng shui magic, they can make walls and doors energetically disappear. They also have the abilty to push energy back. In addition to adding several mirrors strategically in your bathroom, add one to the outside of the bathroom door to keep energy from entering unnecessarily.

Balance the feng shui elements

Because the bathroom is overwhelmingly characterized by water, balancing it will the other feng shui elements will create the most soothing space. Add candles for purifying fire, and a bit a wood to soak up some of the water’s energy. Metal will add an air of freshness, while a few potted plants will add earthly nourishment.

Feature Image: Better Homes & Gardens


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