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5 Gifts For Moms Of Any Age

Our moms sacrificed a lot to raise us, and they deserve to be treated like queens. Finding the perfect gifts for moms can be difficult.

Each year, I grapple with the question, “What do I get Mom this year?” How exactly does one find the right token for the woman that raised you, or gave you life?

Truth is, I may never be able to repay my mother for all the lunches she packed, all the volleyball games she attended, or all of the tears she dried. Yet somehow, the smallest gestures have proven to be “almost” enough.

By Chinwe Okona

gifts for mom


Flowers are simple but beautiful gifts for moms. They evoke feelings of peace and happiness. It’s only right to make your appreciation for the the mother figure in your life just as bright. Pick an assortment she’ll like and tell her why each individual piece reminds you of her.

Additionally, you can pair the flowers with decor like the one featured here. It can be purchased from the Twin Oak Rustics Etsy shop. The shop also has a Facebook page.

And if flowers are a little too generichouseplants can be alternative gifts for moms.


One of my favorite gifts for moms doesn’t require finding anything new at all. Each Christmas, I dig through the old family photos. I pick my favorites of my mom, grandma, and even great-grandma, to remember the generations of  a brilliant women that I come from.

Besides having them for sentimental reasons, I get such a kick out of reminding my mother about the outfits she dressed me in when I was three.

If you’re an artist, create a new piece of work re-imagining an old photo of you and Mom.

gifts for moms

Poinsettias Winter Wonderland Photo Album by Memory Keepsake Party

And if you can’t settle on one photo, you can organize several in an eye-catching album. This photo album can be found in the Memory Keepsake Party Etsy shop. Memory Keepsake Party is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Has anyone ever said no to a massage or spa day?

gifts for moms spa
Allow her to unwind and unload any burdens just for one day. Whether you send her to the spa or you rub her toes yourself, nothing says “I love you” to Mom like helping her to love herself.

You can bring your mother to the Modem Salon & Spa in Los Angeles if you want to leave it to the experts. Although it can be a bit pricey, the spa has garnered rave reviews for its service.

Modem Salon & Spa uses ISUN products, which are organic and natural.

If you want to pamper Mom at home, you can learn how to make your own charcoal face mask here. You can also use essential oils during the massage.


gifts for moms

If your mom kept you fed all through your adolescent years, there’s no reason you can’t get in the kitchen and peel a few potatoes to please her. There’s something so endearing about creating a meal with your own hands. The care and attention that goes into a home-cooked meal sends a very special kind of “love you.”

Surprise your mom and make her some of your favorite childhood recipes for you both to share.

Or if you want to try a hand in making something new, here are recipes for Sesame Garlic Noodles and Mushroom Risotto.


Ultimately, there’s nothing like making a memory with mom. As I’ve gotten older, the activities my mother and I have been able to do together have been so much fun. Our mutual love of music has turned from singing in the car together on the way home from school, to going out on Friday night to hear bands at her favorite spots.

Even more than the laughs we share in the moment, the stories that I’ll be able to tell my children about my mother will be priceless.

More than anything, remember to set aside some time to celebrate everything that your mom means to you.

gifts for moms

My mom and I, Hilton Head, South Carolina circa 1993.

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