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5 Life Lessons From Hit the Floor Season 1

Hit the FloorIn the first season of Hit the Floor, we witnessed the glamorous world of the Los Angeles Devil Girls, where unbearably sexy dancers plot against each other for fame.

Hot ballers will do almost anything to keep their multi-million-dollar contracts and old lovers are torn apart for sizzling new romances. Packed within this scandalous LA-based drama are a few lessons about life.

In anticipation for the next season, we’ve pulled together a list of things we learned from the characters on Hit the Floor.

1. Your parents may want the best for you, but when it comes to your dreams, they may not always be right.

At the start of season 1, Sloane Hayes urges her daughter to not join the Los Angeles Devil Girls dance team, because she knows about the treacherous, backstabbing game these men and women play.

She tells her daughter, “Players are gods, dancers are good.”

But Ahsha Hayes can’t resist her life-long urge to try out. And by the end of season 1, she ends up not only outshining Team Captain Jalena Howard, but also winning the heart of number 1 heartthrob Dereck Roman (#moan).

Hit the Floor

Life lesson: Our parents may have a great plan set for our careers, but it’s up to us to achieve our dreams once we’re of age. You could end up living a truly fulfilling life …… or washed up in the LA River.

Kimberly shares 3 lessons that she taught her daughters here.

2. Your old sweetheart may still have feelings for you.

After two decades of estrangement because of a heart-wrenching betrayal, Sloane Hayes and her baby’s daddy, Pete Davenport, rekindle their romance in a fiery fling. Although so much happened between them, they cannot keep their hands off each other.

Life Lesson: That guy you dated in college, the one who broke your heart because he cheated on you with your bestie, may still have feelings for you. And if it’s meant to be, he’ll come back aroundBut it’s probably best not to open that can of worms.

Hit the Floor

3. The truth always comes out, sooner or later.

Ahsha always believed her father was a just a fling, because Sloane told her it was so.

Sure, Sloane lied to Ahsha in order to protect her, but she also lied in order to protect the family. The Devils world hurt Sloane badly, and she needed to guard herself against any threat. But one way or another, the truth about Ahsha’s father was going to come out. As a result, her relationship with her daughter is badly frayed.

Life Lesson: You might want to think twice about your darker secrets. Eventually, your loved ones are bound to find out. Perhaps it’s better to come clean and with dignity, while you still can.

4. Beautiful girls can be extremely insecure.

Jelena Howard, a.k.a Queen Bee Devil Girl, has everything we all want. She has a hot body, a career on top, a restaurant named in her honor, and a sexy rich superstar boyfriend. However, she’s a backstabbing, plotting diva. She’ll do anything to keep her place on top.

But how long can she really remain Queen Bee?

Life lesson: Any person who has made it famous because of their beauty has a weakness: time. Sooner or later, someone else more attractive and more talented is bound to come along. Therefore, it’s so important to find other sources of self-reliance. Of course, Jalena has written the book on self-reliance (should we all take a few notes or….?).


6. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

The love that Ahsha Hayes and her boyfriend German Vega share at the beginning of season 1 is incredibly passionate and sweet. German was so present for Ahsha, and Ahsha was so ready for German in every way. Seriously, they were just a few years away from babies.

Unfornately, Ahsha’s new career started to transform her, and a very shiny Derek Roman started to fit better into her new picture.

Life Lesson: People change. Although you may harbor love for your mate, when you’re being pulled in another direction, it may be better to call it quits before anyone gets really hurt.

We share 4 signs that you should end your relationship here.


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Photo source: Kimberly Elise & Taylour Paige from 24wired.tv; Kimberly Elise and Dean Cain from VH1.com; Logan Browning from VibeVixen.com; Taylour Paige and Jonathan ‘Lil J’ McDaniel from VH1.com; Header from VH1.com

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