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5 Outdoor Activities That Aren’t Exercise

Sometimes exercise feels like work, and work is not fun.

Do you have trouble motivating yourself to hit the gym or go for a run? Not to worry, being active isn’t necessarily about the activity, but rather about getting your heart rate up. There are plenty of outdoor activities out there for those of us who may not be workout buffs; check out five of our favorites:

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Take a long walk or go for a hike

You don’t have to run for many miles in order to get your cardio in. A brisk power walk will definitely do the job of getting your heart pumping and is much more gentle on your knees and joints. Remember to maintain your rapid heart rate for the duration of your walk. If you don’t mind getting off the pavement, try tackling a nearby hiking trail.

Want another lower impact activity thats good for our joints? Try yoga!


Get in the water

Swimming laps is a great work out, but not everyone is an Olympian. Even if you can’t swim, running around against the resistance of the water in the shallows is great. If you can’t swim or aren’t the best swimmer, there are plenty of different flotation devices that will keep you above water while still allowing you to swim or tread water and get your blood pumping.


Go for a bike ride

Also an excellent alternative for those with achy knees, going for a bike ride can be a great adventure. Pull up a map and plot out a course that runs through an area you may have not explored. Set your destination as your favorite ice cream or smoothie shop for some extra motivation!

Try biking to the grocery store and picking up ingredients to make your own ice cream!


Shoot some hoops

Community basketball courts aren’t hard to find at all! Grab a ball and play a casual game of one-on-one with a friend, or just shoot around. Even if you’re terrible, you’ll at least get a good ab work out from laughing at yourself. Make sure you keep your muscles from cramping afterwards by stretching too!


Go to a concert

Listening to music is a good form of physical activity? It is if you dance! Summer is the season of outdoor concerts and shows; check our your city’s local listings and head out to see one of your favorite band or someone new. Don’t worry about your dance moves — the best dancers are those that are having fun.

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