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5 Secrets To Having A Great And Happy Day

Great days are contagious. When your energy is bright and open, people around you will take notice, and will appreciate your positive, kind energy.

Of course, we all have our good days and bad days. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit to some grumpy days of my own. Still, I believe that there are a few, very easy things you can do (or not do) to foster positivity and warmth throughout the day. Here are five of my tips to a creating a great day.


1. Pay attention to your thoughts as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Are you dreading the day? Are you already anticipating bad traffic, a bill you haven’t paid or a moody boss ? If so, you must immediately stop all such thoughts and shift your mind into one of gratitude.

Start with I am so thankful I woke up this morning! Continue to allow your mind to stroll through all the things that are great blessings on that very day and when your mind wants to veer into the negative, stop it in its tracks and stay positive!

KimberlyElise.com2. Find genuine reasons to give people compliments.

This is one of my favorite things to do. Especially with strangers. I will look at a person and find something that I genuinely appreciate about them. It could be their eyes, their hairdo, their smile or just their great energy. Whatever it is, I make a point to tell them.

The trick is it has to be something genuine and come from a genuine place within you. When you do that, that person will light up with a beautiful light that just spills all over you too. And in that moment you will have made you both feel great!

3. Try not to make a habit of sharing only bad news.

There are enough people out there updating each other on the bad things happening in the world. I find it very positive to tell people about some of the good things that our fellow men and women are doing in the world.  This reminder of the fact that there are wonderful happening in life really gives people hope and recharges them in a way that bad news never does.

4. Never gossip.

This goes in tandem with number 3. Gossip is a dark energy and doesn’t uplift anyone – not the person gossiping or the person being gossiped about. When people are gossiping around you walk away or better yet, tell the gossiper something really great about themselves. It’s amazing how quickly that gets someone to stop saying something mean about someone else!

beautiful-flower5. Tell people you love them.

Not just when you hang up on a phone call or are saying good bye. Tell them right in the middle of them saying something. Yes, interrupt them! It’s unexpected and it makes them pause and really hear it. Everybody needs to know that they are loved and by telling them in a way they can really hear it, you will contribute to a happy day for them and for you!

These are 5 of my tips for a great and happy day. What are some of yours?

Following these tips, I believe, creates a really positive day for yourself and everyone around you. They are also very easy to do, regardless of your personal circumstances. I wish you a great and happy day!


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