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5 Steps To Mastering A Twist-Out | Natural Black Haircare

I’ve been a “Naturalista” for about two months now. Since then, I’ve experimented with different hairstyles. The one that I’ve become the most fond of is the twist-out. 

In short, a twist-out hairstyle produces a head full of curls. The curls are bouncy and can last as long as a week if taken care of properly and done correctly. Listed below are some of the steps I take to master this look.

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1. Wash and condition hair

I like to wash and condition my hair before starting the twist-out process. When washing and conditioning your hair, you are free to use the shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

When choosing your conditioner, however, be mindful that you’ll have to let it sit in your hair for some time. This is important to note because you don’t want to go through your day uncomfortable with any excessive itching of the scalp from your conditioner. Your conditioner should condition, moisturize, and essentially heal your scalp. 

I like to wash and condition my hair before I begin the twisting process because my curls usually turn out better. They are more defined, bouncy, and aesthetically pleasing.  

2. Part your hair into sections that are the size you’d like for your twists to be.

With the conditioner still in your hair, section your hair, depending on how big or small you want your curls to be. For a full head of curls, I’d suggest making your sections smaller.

While sectioning off my hair, I use hair scrunchies. This way, I don’t bring hair from one section into the other. Each twist should be handled with care, which means that you have to look out for any hair strands falling into a twist where it doesn’t belong. 

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3. Twist

Once you have sectioned off your hair, start twisting. When you twist, be sure to twist your hair to the very end. When you reach the end of a twist, apply a haircare product (e.g. coconut oil). This allows the twist to stay intact rather than unravel. You can also braid the end of the twist to keep it from undoing.

During this step in the process, I’d recommend you do what you feel is best for your hair texture. Maybe you’ll decide not to apply a product, but braid your twists to the ends – that is okay. As long as your hair is wet and conditioner remains in it, your results will turn out fine.

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4. Let twists dry

Once every section is twisted, allow them to dry. I usually go to bed with the twists in (to refrain from applying heat to my hair) and let them air-dry overnight. You can also opt to quickly blow-dry each twist for faster results.

5. Untwist the twists

Lastly, untwist each twist. Once you untwist each twist, pull strands apart from each twist for more curls. When you finish unraveling your twists, fluff your curls out by using your fingertips or a comb (at your discretion).

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As someone who started watching YouTube hair tutorials, I learned that there are several ways to do a twist-out. You can twist your hair to the scalp, or simply twist it to the end. What’s most important is that you do what works for you and what makes you feel confident.

To the new naturalista, welcome to the team. You are on a fun (and less expensive) ride!

If you’re anything like me, you might have hopped on this ride because of how inexpensive it is. Previously, I got into the habit of straightening my hair every two weeks, and set money aside for it as if it was for a bill. But without much direction, or guidance from any of the naturalistas in my life, I went for something different.

I washed my hair and in an effort to keep from putting heat in it, I let it air dry. Within minutes, I was rocking a full head of natural curls. From that moment on, I began learning about haircare products. It wasn’t long before I made the decision to switch from getting my hair straightened every two weeks to just spraying water and applying a few products to it.

Not only is wearing my hair natural less of an expense, but it is also more fun, not to mention easier to manage.

I didn’t think I’d find comfort in wearing my hair naturally. To be honest, I thought my transition would be frowned upon by the different ethnic groups in my work environment. They had gotten so used to seeing me with a certain hairstyle that looked similar to theirs, that most of them were thrown off by my Afro.

My natural hair has given me a confidence that I didn’t know was possible.

Before you step out to show off your curls, don’t forget to take your smile with you. Natural hair already looks so beautiful on you!

What are your favorite natural hairstyles? Tell us in the comments below!

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