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5 Things To Try When Making Peace With Your Mate

You said go left, they said go right. They want to eat dinner at home, you want to go out for dinner.

The two of you haven’t been on one accord for some time. Your mate has literally worked your last nerve!! In fact, the very sound of them breathing irritates you.

By: Kari Clinton

And then, the explosion happens. Both of you begin yelling back and forth about the most ridiculous things. It’s pretty clear you both have allowed small things to build up by not addressing them when they occurred, and now the petty picking has caused complete chaos.

Here are a few ways that will hopefully bring you down from a ten to a two.

  1. RUNI hear you laughing… I don’t mean run away from them. Instead, throw on some workout clothes and run around your neighborhood or go to the gym. Now if you don’t exercise on a regular, don’t overdo it. 
  2. RELAX – A warm bubble bath and a glass of your favorite beverage surely can help relieve you from the stress of the situation.
  3. RESPECT – Just as you want your significant other to hear you and acknowledge your perspective, they too desire the same. Ouch! Often times we are so worked up because they didn’t listen to or agree with us, yet we didn’t afford them the same.
  4. REMEMBER – Remind yourself that the two of you are on the same team and that is why you chose to “do life” with them. Your mate is not your enemy. If your relationship with them has been solid to this point, no speed bump or pot hole along your path can demolish it.
  5. RESUME – Once the situation has de-escalated, agree to resume the conversation. Tension may still be present, but choose to work toward a resolution. After all… a bout of intense fellowship surely can lead to romancing and dancing in the bedroom later (wink, wink).

What are some ways you have used to re-unite after a lover’s quarrel? Share with us in the comments below!


kari-clintonAuthor Bio

Kari Clinton is a writer and Author of the book, Love Circles Back.   In her pieces, she candidly shares the bumps and bruises life dealt her in hopes to empower others to overcome obstacles along their path and avoid some altogether.

She enjoys traveling and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and different world views.

Kari is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She is the wife of Mr. Clinton, mother of four and a grandmother.

Connect with her at


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