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5 Things Vic Styles Wants You to Know About Passion and Confidence

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This week I got a sneak preview of Kimberly Elise’s interview with celebrity stylist and blogger Vic Styles. It was one of the most uplifting things I’ve heard all year.

As part of Kimberly’s Natural Beauty Summit, which launches the first week of September, Kimberly Elise interviews industry insiders and asks them the tough questions about how a woman finds inner peace, passion and confidence.

5 Things Vic Styles Wants You to Know About Passion and Confidence

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Wardrobe stylist Vic Styles, who’s worked with actress Tisha Campbell, rappers Snoop Dog and Big Sean, Ariana Grande, and companies such as Skechers and Nickelodeon, was not always a top stylist. In pursuing her passion, she dropped out of college, moved to L.A. and started from the bottom.

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“My style didn’t work with celebrities at the time, it worked with real women,” she recalls in an interview with Kimberly Elise.

Catch the full video interview on September 1 with Kimberly & Vic here by signing up for Kimberly’s Natural Beauty Summit.

1. “Flowers cannot grow without the rain.”

That’s one of Mother’s Wisdoms that Vic Styles took with her throughout her career, emphasizing the need to remember that “whenever you are in a storm, know that you’re going to come out of it.”

With passion and confidence, know that there will be times when you feel like you are in a full-blown storm. You’ll feel you’re being tossed right and left and that your ship is sinking.

Vic Styles believes that every storm has a calm. Your job is to find your calm.

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2. Loving yourself is a process.

“I was made fun of as a kid. I was not always the prettiest and that put a blow on my self esteem,” Vic Styles says. Before her claim to fame, Vic Styles had to learn how to love her self.

On our journey to discover our inner peace and beauty, there’s much to learn. Most of it is a process of self-love and acceptance.

“One day I woke up and was like, ‘This is my life. I cannot live my life for everyone else,'” Vic Styles told Kimberly. Her advice– “the world may not see you as beautiful and that’s ok.”

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Vic Styles is one of Kimberly Elise’s favorite Instagrammers not only because Vic has is a natural hair enthusiast and stylish fashion blogger, but also because Vic Styles’ blog and Instagram is full of inspiration and encouragement for women. Check out Vic Styles’ blog and follow her on Instagram to see why Kimberly loves her.

3. It’s normal to get off-balance. You have to find your way back.

“Sometimes I read my own writing to remind myself why I do what I do,” Vic Styles said in her interview with Kimberly.

A good thing to do when you’re trying to get back on balance is have go-to vibe-changers that work for you. Maybe it’s meditating or praying. Perhaps it’s working out or listening to music. Whatever it is, remember that when you’re off, there’s always a way to get back on.

“Whenever I get fan mail, I go back and read them. Someone is looking up to me and I can’t give up today,” Vic Styles says.


4. Find purpose in helping others.

“I remember leaving my first client’s house and noticed how much more confident she was after I styled her,” Vic Styles said. “I realized that my purpose in life is to create confidence in women who don’t have it.”

When you help others, you will feel more purposeful. It may be as simple as helping others find confidence by teaching them how to apply makeup on a Youtube channel or it can be through writing or painting. Remember, your purpose is tied to both your happiness and the happiness you can bring to the world.

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5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

“When I stopped comparing myself to other people, it really opened my eyes up to allow me to love me for who I am,” Vic Styles told Kimberly.

Passion and confidence begins with self-love, which Vic Styles believes is the most important. Read Vic Styles blog post on confidence here.

“Once you have inner confidence, there’s something inside of you that’s glowing,” Vic Styles said.

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