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5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables with VeggiDome

VeggiDome in Peaches Kitchen VgDm

It’s a no-brainer that having more vegetables in your diet will help keep you healthy. If you’re not a fan of veggies or don’t know how to incorporate more of them into your lifestyle, here are five ways to eat more vegetables — the easy way.

These tips will help both you and your family eat more vegetables!

Keep your vegetables in plain sight.

You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” Unfortunately when it comes to vegetables, it’s true. We forget about the food we do not see. By not having to dig around in your fridge for healthy snacks, you will make the habit of eating more vegetables come easy to you. The VeggiDome, a glass container that sits on your tabletop, allows you the convenience of a grab-and-go approach to eating vegetables. Without refrigeration, the VeggiDome keeps your veggies fresh for up to six days. Support the creators of VeggiDome by backing them on Indiegogo!


Wash and prep your vegetables before eating them.

A good way to ensure that you make eating vegetables an easy process is to do your prep before you’re ready to eat them. Just like fruit, which you wash and sit out on your table, with the VeggiDome you can wash your vegetables days before you eat them and they’ll be ready to go when you’re ready to grub! If you’re planning to cook with vegetables, you can even chop, dice, or slice them before you make your meal. When using the VeggiDome, it’s best to keep them in whole form, however. To learn more about how to use a VeggiDome, check out the video below!

Juice your vegetables and combine with fruit.

I love a good green or red juice filled with my favorite vegetables. One of my best juice recipes is with carrot and ginger and is good for maintaining a healthy immune system. When you use the VeggiDome you can prep your juices for the week by having the vegetables that you need ready to go and sitting right on top of your table. This makes it easy to grab them and put them into your juicer or blender in the morning. For more creative ways to work with vegetables, read “How to Be a Vegan on a Budget.”

Pair your veggies with healthy dipping sauces.

carrots and ranch dipping sauce

Whether it’s carrots with ranch dressing or celery with peanut butter, pairing your veggies with healthy dipping sauces is a great way to make eating vegetables a more enjoyable process. Try for dips that are not processed or have too much sugar in them. You can even make your own dipping sauces to eat with your veggies.

Don’t let your vegetables spoil in the fridge.

How often do you go into your fridge and find vegetables spoiling away? On average 30 percent of our produce spoils and goes to waste simply because we forget that they are there! By using a VeggiDome, you keep the veggies you want to eat in plain sight. The dish retains the taste and natural vitamins for several days without refrigeration. Get your very own VeggiDome by backing them on Indiegogo!

This article is sponsored by VeggiDome.

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    Christina j
    June 29, 2016 at 5:54 am

    I love to roast my veggies with olive oil and they are so good! Especially Brussels sprouts and beets. I can eat those daily

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      July 1, 2016 at 8:38 pm

      Good idea! I’ll have to give that a try!

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