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6 Ways To Help Maintain A Long Distance Relationship While Abroad

Have you ever gone on a long trip, whether it was on holiday or for a business trip? If so, then you knows the changes in routine that come along with being away from your partner.

As traveling for work is typical for particular jobs, it’s no surprise that some of our relationships may, in turn, suffer from the absence of a partner, however temporary it is.  Long distance relationships can be hard to maintain, but they don’t have to be. With technology in our hands (not to mention, ruling the world), there’s no reason why we should have to endure the challenges of long distance relationships that used to exist. After all, we’re not waiting for snail mail!

Today, guest blogger Sophia Clark shares her tips to keep a long-distance relationship going if you or your partner are going to be away for a while.
By: Sophia Clark

It’s not easy missing your partner. Reminiscing over all the wonderful moments shared together can be overwhelming. Traveling abroad for education, business, a tour, or any other reason can be an exciting opportunity in your life, but it puts you in such a situation. The experience heightens when the duration is over six months. However, being away for that long, distance and time tend to create dire consequences for your relationship back at home.

In this article, we are going to explore tips that can keep a long distance relationship (LDR) going if your travels abroad last a long period.

1.    Plan Ahead

In the months ahead of your departure, discuss with your partner about your trip as an efficient way to assess if you are both willing to bear the distance. Talk about both of your expectations and work on ideas to achieve them. Express your hopes and worries. Discuss and set your communication schedule. Spend a little more time discussing the issues which either of you has concerns over.

The trick is to “keep your presence alive in your absence”.

How, you may be wondering? It’s simple. All you need to do is to be creative enough to find fun and exciting ways of keeping in touch.

An excellent way to achieve this tip is hiding love notes, encouragement quotes, or personal messages around the house for your partner to find later when you’re not there.

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2.    Communicate As Much As Possible

Regular and natural Whatsapp chat Screenshot 

Communication is the basis of all relationships but bears even more weight for LDRs. Your relationship will be conducted through the channels of communication, so you will need to keep in touch as much as possible. You should, however, take note not to over-engage each other. (In other words – don’t smother your partner!)

Share with each other intimate details about your day and how you felt in each instance. Be open and talk about everything that you did and what you are planning to do. Give and take advice from each other and indulge your partner in your new life and surroundings.

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3.    Use Technology to the Advantage of Your Relationship  

In the modern world, LDRs have been made easier with the advancements in technology. Especially in the communication arena, technology has taken long and rapid strides. Video calls are the norm of the day as high-speed internet is now available in remote areas.

Technology offers applications that can be important to help close the gap. Before apps such as Rabbit were created, which give the ability to watch videos and movies together with your spouse, the benefits to LDRs could not have been perceived. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are equipped with live video chatting applications which are accessible on the go. Use them accordingly, alternating between them to take advantage of different features.

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4.    Trust Each Other More

Trust is the cement of any relationship, it’s what binds two people strongly. When you are in an LDR, your trust may be rattled. You will need to trust that your partner will not break the promise of your commitment even, when the distance between the two of you is great. For an LDR to work, there must be a strong foundation of trust. So, before entering into one, assess your trust level to avoid wasting efforts on unworthy commitments.

If you face the temptation of straying or suspect your spouse’s unbecoming, bring it out into the open for discussion. Talk about it objectively, but you should be centered on the notion that your relationship is more critical than temptations. If both of you are trustworthy, then this is just the usual phase of craving each other’s physical presence and affection.

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5.    Take Time to Visit Each Other

Plan regular visits for your spouse abroad

Plan a visit or two for your spouse to visit you abroad. In addition to giving you a chance to be physically together after so much time apart, it will play a far more important role in keeping your relationship afloat.

When your partner visits you abroad, take him or her around the areas you regularly visit for meals, movies, meetings, even church. This way, even after they return home, and you talk about going to a movie, they will have a mental image to associate with whenever you’re talking while apart. Both of you will be more connected, and your spouse will understand more what you are going through abroad.

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6.    Keeping shared Interests Alive

Skype video chat on phone

Maintain the similar interests that you shared before you left for your endeavors abroad. Maintaining these shared interests will be the binding force of your relationship. Watch your favorite movies over Skype or Rabbit on your date night. Cook your favorite meals and send each other pictures as though you were together. Eat over video call sessions and keep each other company at interesting moments.

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You will both have the ability to grow as a couple and experience life as a loving unit, despite the long distance.

All these tips can work together to help ensure that your relationship survives the long distance while you and your partner are apart. Follow these tips and be more open-minded than ever to get survive the distance and time that you are not together.


Do you have any tips on how to  maintain your long-distance relationships? Share with us in the comments below!

Author Bio

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011.

She is a creative writer who loves to share her thoughts with readers, now she writes for EliteessaywritersIn her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

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