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Valentines Day Giveaway, brought to you by CV Skinlabs!

CVP_CalmingMoistureWe’re having a Valentines Day #Giveaway, brought to you by CV Skinlabs!

Kimberly has written before about CV Skincare labs as one of her favorite winter skincare products. This Calming Moisture cream is an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that helps soothe your skin, calm redness, hydrate, repair and nourish your skin. It’s ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin and all sensitive skin types.

Find out where you can pick up a bottle: Contact

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  1. Lara Glover says:

    I would love to try the moisturerizers for Narural Beautiful Skin I Pray that I will be Chosen it would be a trne Honor coming from Kimberlyelise 👑👼👑.

  2. Lara Glover says:

    It is such a Blessing to have you on my Facebook I Love your Natural Beauty and the way it makes your skin Glow I would Love to try the Moisturizer 👑👼👑.

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