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8 Ways to Show More Gratitude in Your Relationships

Keeping with the spirit of Kimberly’s 30 Days of Gratitude Celebration, finding ways to show more gratitude in our relationships couldn’t be more in line. In thinking about my own relationships with my family and friends, I reflect on how much more I can show gratitude for the love and support they have shown me over the years.

In everything that I have experienced in my life journey from going to college to starting businesses, rising and falling, getting married and starting a family, my circle of family and friends have been here, cheering me on and helping me through it all.

Today, let’s celebrate the gift of gratitude, which gives to others tenfold, by expressing our gratitude to those who lend their ears and shoulders in time of need, who laugh and cry with us, and who often act as our backbones, coaches, occasional doormats, and personal references — our loved ones.

Here are eight ways to show more gratitude in the relationships that count.

Saying “thank you” can never go out of style.

These two simple words are what many of our teammates need to hear in order to feel appreciated.

show more gratitude thank you

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For things big and small, don’t neglect the tiny action that yields big results — saying “thank you!” If your daughter crafts another family coloring for the fridge, say thank you. If your spouse takes out the trash without you needing to remind him or her, say thank you. If your boss lets you take time off for the holiday, say thank you.

Letting others know that you are thankful for what they do and who they are is a great way to show more gratitude in your relationships.

Going on a “Rampage of Appreciation” can raise your positive vibrations and help you feel good about those around you.

Coined by the spiritual speaker and writer Abraham Hicks, a “Rampage of Appreciation” is a timed activity in which you express nothing but positive joy about the experiences, circumstances, and people around you.

Hicks says that if you set your attention for as little as 68 seconds on pure positivity not only will you begin to feel better, but you will also feel more love and gratitude for everything in your life, including your friends, family, and co-workers.

show more gratitude rampage of appreciation

Try dedicating a little bit of time today to meditate on positive aspects of those who surround you. Once you are in a peaceful space, voice your love and appreciation for them out loud.

Return the favor for anyone who has lend a hand one way or another.

Although the “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality has had a negative connotation over the years, try using this approach to give back to those who have given to you.

I cannot count the many ways others have put their neck on the line or have given the shirts off their backs for me. Whether it was allowing me to borrow money to pay for tuition or allowing my family to live in their home until we saved enough to move on our own, I am reminded of how much others love and do for me.

best friends

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What about your circle of friends and family? If you can remember anyone who has done something nice for you in the past six months, now is the time to return the favor and give back. You can return the favor by cooking a meal and inviting your friends to a delicious dinner. You can return the favor by paying back the money you borrowed years ago. The options are endless.

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Choose one person today that you can return the favor to and do something special for them. They will appreciate the cyclical act of giving and receiving, and believe me, it will come back to you again and again.

Spending quality time with your loved ones is another great way to show more gratitude in your relationships.

As a writer, I enjoy spending time by myself, slaving at the keyboard of my laptop. I’m a natural homebody and hermit and can get along just fine without much social interaction.

gratitude relationships

While this is all fine and all, a Gallup Poll shows that the happiest people spend several hours a day being social with others.  

How often do you spend time with your family and friends other than on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions? Is your interaction limited to social media posts and text messages? If so, this month is a good time to expand your social interaction and plan some quality time with your spouse, children, old friends from college, and even your co-workers.

Being a good listener is a way to show more gratitude that is well-appreciated by others.

Everyone loves a good listener. When you genuinely listen to others without butting in, talking back, or hogging the conversation, you show others that you care about them, you care about what they think and how they feel.

You heard of the old phrase, “There’s a reason why God gave us two ears and a mouth?” Well, there is a reason– to listen more than we speak. A good listener is a cherished person among friends and family. Do your best to listen more than you talk today.

Let your loved ones know that you care by showing and telling.

You can be creative with your expression of gratitude. Write a hand-written note or letter to someone you love. Make or buy a gift and surprise an unsuspecting family member. The ideas are endless.

Use the phone to communicate in your relationships.

While texting and pinging in social media can be convenient, a good friend appreciates hearing your voice every now and then. Think about how many associates and strangers contact you on a daily basis. Digital communication really does water down the quality of interaction with the ones you love.

When it comes to your parents, grandparents, and close friends — pick up the phone and let them know you care by taking a few minutes out of your day each day to say, “Hello, how are you doing?”

Throwing an event or birthday celebration? Go out of your way to invite your special guests personally, by calling them not just by online invitations and Facebook events.

Doing so will show people around you that they mean a lot. When people feel appreciated, you will feel the love come back to you.

African American family watching television together

African American family watching television together


Lastly, show more gratitude in your relationships by put in face time.

Woody Allen was noted as saying, “80 percent of success is showing up” and he couldn’t be more right. I love the Apple FaceTime app as well as WhatsApp, Skype, and Imo, but nothing can replace good ol’ fashioned in your face facetime. Be successful in your relationships by physically showing up to visit your friends and family– they’ll love you for it.  

Have an aunt you haven’t seen in ages? Go pay her a visit. Been invited to an event? Show up. Those around you will be happy to see you and you’re never too busy to put in a little face time with those who love you the most.

What are some of your ideas to show more gratitude to your friends and family? Join our mailing list and let us know by commenting below!

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