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Rely On Aroma Foundry For Quality Essential Oils

Essential oils have many different uses. But you need to be wary of where you buy them. Because not every brand offers the same great quality.

I recently sampled some excellent essential oils from Aroma Foundry, including the Lavender, Grapefruit, and Lemon Essential Oils.

By: Zeila Edrial

Aroma Foundry is a California-based company that offers a selection of 100% pure and all-natural essential oils. You can rest assured that Aroma Foundry is eco-friendly, as it packages each product in a special damage-resistant, earth-friendly kraft brown recyclable box.

The essential oils are sourced from around the world and are chosen based on “their purity, how strongly each scent is identified with where it came from, and for the versatility of that particular oil.”

aroma foundry

For example, the Citronella Essential Oil was sourced from Indonesia, which is known for producing the best citronella plants. Citronella serves to repel insects and also relieve itchiness from insect bites.

Aroma FoundryAnd since the sun is shining brightly now this spring, I need to make sure to keep my skin moisturized. So I used the Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils from Aroma Foundry to get the job done. You can follow this easy DIY tutorial to create your own Spring Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang Body Oil.

Aroma Foundry also offers Lemon Essential Oil, which is listed as one of the natural skincare ingredients that you should know.

Not only does the Lemon Essential Oil help combat blemishes and lighten scars, but it’s also an antioxidant that reduces and prevents wrinkles. As a result, this essential oil is perfect for maintaining a youthful look.

The Sage Essential Oil has many uses, such as relieving digestive problems.

Its fragrance can also be used to stimulate the mind and help with depression. And, the use of the Sage Essential Oil during massages can be relaxing.aroma foundry

Or you can use the Lavender Essential Oil for a D-I-Y Conditioner, which you can make with Kimberly’s very own recipe.

Lavender has healing and calming properties, so it can help with stress relief. You can also place the lavender essential oil in a diffuser or oil burner as a form of aromatherapy.

Regardless of what you use the essential oils for, Aroma Foundry guarantees that you will be satisfied. They conduct small-batch quality control when they bottle their essential oils. This ensures that they only ship out the best of their products.

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