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Artificial Plants: When Faking It Is Better

So you want to add a pop of green in your home, but don’t have the time to care for a houseplant – why not try artificial plants? They last forever, won’t cause allergies, and don’t require water, fertilizer, sunlight, or pest control.

by: Elizabeth Toy

I’d been looking for some low-maintenance house plants to bring some lush greenery into my place, but I ran into a few concerns.

I wanted to buy a live plant, but I knew I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t, well, keep it alive. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to water and certain plants require much more attention than I had time (and patience) for. What’s more, I have two scrappy dogs who just love to eat salad – or really, any leaves and plants they can find.

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Kimberly Elise Alchemy 27

After searching for inspiration, I loved the look of the popular Snake plant, also known as Sansevieria. Its simplicity, deep green color, and easy maintenance drew me in.

Not only does this plant thrive in either low or full light and require little water, but you can neglect it for weeks at a time!

Sounds terrible, but perfect for someone like myself!

However, when I headed to the nursery, I discovered that Snake plants are toxic to pets – definitely a deal-breaker. I wasn’t ready to commit to the vet bills in case either or both dogs decided to take a bite out of my new plant.

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This brought me to consider the possible alternative of artificial plants.

I never considered artificial plants before, simply because they’re fake. And I naively wanted to believe my thumb was green enough to cultivate a natural, urban jungle in my home (Admittedly, past experiences proved otherwise). But because I loved the look so much, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

As it turned, out, the artificial Snake plant fits perfectly, just where I wanted it.

I won’t have to worry about it growing too big or tall and needing to transplant it into another container down the line.

And within the first few days, I realized how much easier it was to care for, simply because it doesn’t need any care!

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Not only is the artificial Snake plant the perfect size for the space I wanted to fill, but it also requires no light, no water, no insect repellent, or plant food.  On top of that, the dogs are not tempted to eat it at all, which ensures it will definitely be around for a long time.

You can find this and a variety of other artificial plants, as well as boxwood at

I can totally see how these hedges would make easy work of hiding wires or sectioning off a staging area when it comes to throwing an outdoor soiree or a BBQ.

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