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3 Basic Ingredients To Avoid

Has your hair ever felt heavy, greasy, or dry? It may be the ingredients in a product that you are using!

It’s important to educate yourself by reading labels and researching ingredients to help your hair look, feel, and behave its very best. We’ve put together a brief list of basic “no-no ingredients” to help you weed out products that may be harmful to your hair, body, and health.

Beauty expert Paige Padgett also shared her list of ingredients to avoid here.

3 Ingredients To Avoid

1.  Parabens

Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in shampoos, conditioner, and cosmetics.

This chemical helps extend the shelf life of products. Although the FDA has yet to conclude that they are harmful, they are still evaluating data to determine whether parabens are linked to breast cancer or other health problems.

Personally, I prefer to support “paraben-free” products. They are readily available and safe to use.

And if you need help spotting parabens in products, look for ingredients that end in “paraben,” like methylparaben. Also, look for a couple more sneaky ones like hydroxybenzoic acid and hydroxybenzoate.

2. Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are made from coal tar, a carcinogenic. This ingredient frequently appears as FD&C or D&C followed by a color, then a number.

Artificial colors can cause skin sensitivity and irritation. Be careful when you pick up a hair dye, as it may be a risk factor for cancer.

3. Mineral oil or Petroleum

Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative that coats the skin like saran wrap. It prevents your hair from breathing, absorbing, and excreting. These ingredients are cheap and often weigh the hair down. They prevent your scalp’s natural oils from being absorbed by your hair.

 Coconut oil is a better alternative, according to The Journal of Cosmetic Science.

For more information on how to read labels for natural hair, pick up a copy of Curly Halo, by Kimberly Elise.

Also, you should connect with local home grown cosmetic makers or naturals in your city. Additionally, you can locate an online natural hair community. We love Black Girl Long Hair and Curly Nikki.

Better yet,  have fun experimenting with your own recipes at home. We have a fabulous D-I-Y Deep Conditioner recipe you should try!

It’s important to note that results will vary from person to person. Hair type, health, and regimen will all play a role when picking (or creating) the perfect product for you.

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