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French Beans With Creamy Garlic Sauce

Skip that pasta, and try these delicious, creamy dressed French Beans!

This crisp and fresh tasting dish will have you coming back for a second round. Prepare them as a side dish, or devour them as they are.

Either way, you will never go back to those boring boiled beans again!



Creamy Garlic Sauce:

–       2 Tbsp. Earth Balance

–       2 Tbsp. Flour (Any Flour works fine, including Gluten-Free)

–       ¼ Tsp. Salt

–       ¼ Tsp. Pepper

–       ¼ Tsp. Onion Powder

–       1 Clove Garlic chopped finely

–       1 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (Coconut milk works fine too)

–       1 ¾ Cups of Warm Water


–       2-3 Handfuls of French Beans (Washed and Trimmed)

–       1 Tbsp. Olive Oil




1. In a medium saucepan on medium-high heat, combine your garlic, Earth Balance and flour. Whisk vigorously until a slight doughy texture is formed.

2. Turn heat to low, and whisk in your almond milk until a creamy texture is reached. Add in your seasonings; the salt, pepper, onion powder and stir completely.

3. Slowly whisk in water to desired thickness. Add a little more water if you’d like a thinner cream and remove from heat. Set sauce aside.

4. Place a skillet on high heat, and add your olive oil.

5. Once pan is hot, add your beans and toss for 5-7mins until beans are cooked, but still crunchy. Plate your beans and top with your creamy garlic sauce. Serve and enjoy!




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    September 2, 2014 at 8:30 am

    Please share any recipe with me as I am trying to learn to eat healthy without losing flavor

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