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#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day!

As we hold significant and celebrate women and International Women’s Day, it is so empowering to know that so many people – both men and women – have continued what our ancestors started and have been coming together over the last several months in nationwide marches and acts of activism for women’s rights and equality.

It has been inspiring to learn the stories of women around the world who have made tremendous achievements despite staggering odds and oppression.

Remember Ibtihaj Muhammed? She took a huge step forward for women when she was the first to do this controversial thing.

At the same time, I know many women are still feeling swallowed up and forgotten, discriminated against and denied. Or if they have made an advance forward, somehow it doesn’t feel, to them, grand enough or significant enough to warrant recognition or a sense of satisfaction.



I think it is so important to remember that:

Change happens with time and sustained effort.

Think of the patience and tenacity of water, as it carves out a tremendous cavern – one drop at a time – until one day, a tremendous canyon has come to be. A canyon that allows new life to spring forth in a way that it couldn’t before – a canyon that is awe-inspiring, life-giving and impossible to ignore.

That is how I see each of us women and the men who support us, as individual drops of water who collectively are carving out and establishing an entirely new standard that all the world will benefit from one day.

Our foremothers began with the first drops and each of us – mothers, teachers, CEOs, nurses, doctors, entrepreneurs, students, young women, girls, fathers, brothers, and all who help to fill the bucket that helps supply the stream – are making a difference.

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Know that, even if your life or your accomplishment doesn’t make the cover of a magazine or the evening news, you have made a difference and should hold yourself with that knowing.

Whether you’ve built a library or bought goods from a woman entrepreneur or simply took out an afternoon to put yourself first and simply love yourself, you have added a profound drop to the miraculous river of change.

Find out 4 Ways to Show Your Self Love.

I applaud and give reverence to all women and to our allies in recognizing the value, beauty and unstoppable power of woman.

We are creators,
we are sustainers,
we are empowerers,
we are love,
we are women.

Onward, sisters! Our day is coming. Our day is HERE.

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