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The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Natural Hair

Aloe vera’s internal juices are truly a godsend for natural hair.  

Natural-Hair-Care-IngredientsWhy? Because Aloe vera is an emollient, meaning it has moisturizing properties for the body, hair, and skin when used correctly.

Aloe vera is hydrophilic, which means it attracts moisture from the environment when applied to dry hair. Many products you find at the drugstore are hydrophobic, meaning the ingredients repel water from the environment.

That’s great for keeping your hair straight, but over time, it can make your hair more vulnerable to damage.

If you really want to foster your hair’s natural texture, you’re going to want to hydrate your tresses with as much water as possible. For women of color, this is particularly important.  

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Why I Love Aloe Vera For My Natural Hair

The best thing about Aloe vera is its accessibility. You can grow your own Aloe plant and keep it for up to 12 years.

Throughout my childhood, my grandmother would snap off a piece of her Aloe plant to treat bug bites. I’ve carried on her habit for using Aloe vera by growing my own and using it daily for my natural hair.

I also like to use Aloe vera as a natural hair conditioner alongside other products. It can be applied before other styling products to provide an extra layer of protection.

It even works as a natural hair gel! Just slather it on and wear a silk scarf for 20 minutes, and wham, smooth edges.

Aloe vera is a key ingredient in Alchemy 27, a hair and scalp elixir for women who have experienced visible hair breakage from damaging hairstyles, excessive heat, and environmental stress.

It is one of Kimberly’s handpicked ingredients to help fight breakage and encourage nourishment. Learn more.

Alchemy 27

 I use my Alchemy 27 in my natural hair night routine. After applying around 5-7 drops around my head, I flip my hair upside down to allow it to run down to the roots. Then I wrap my hair in a satin bonnet to help the moisture set in. 

This method is called “Inversion Therapy”, and can promote hair growth.

Do you have dry, thirsty hair? Here are some other ways to incorporate Aloe vera into your haircare routine.

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