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Black Castor Oil: A Boost For Your Natural Haircare Regimen

The benefits of black castor oil are incredible and can be found in a number of natural products because of its versatility.

Black castor oil is especially great for Black hair. Check out more tips on amazing oils for all hair types here.

A year and a half ago, when I first went natural, I learned about black castor oil from my mother. She put the oil directly on my scalp, and though it has a potent smell, after just a few short weeks, I could tell the difference it was making in my ‘fro. The oil penetrated my scalp and curl shaft and was delivering healthy-growing hair. 

By: Olivia Harden

What Is Black Castor Oil?

All castor oil is made from the castor plant, but black castor oil is special. The seeds of the plant are pressed and roasted before being turned into oil, resulting in its bitter smell. This process makes the oil even better for your hair. black castor oil


Retaining Length

If you are looking to grow strong and healthy hair, castor oil has healing properties that reverses hair loss, helps your hair grow, and ultimately prevents damage from heat.


Keeping Your Beautiful Color

If you’re looking for shiny, healthy hair with bright color, black castor oil is perfect for making your hair look beautiful. It’s a humectant, meaning it helps to retain moisture within the hair.

Interested in either of those uses? Try using castor oil  as a pre-wash treatment or adding it straight into your conditioner as a part of your hair regimen. My hair gets very dry very quickly and I like to do this when it really needs a pick-me-up. Mixing it into your conditioner also helps to mask the smell.


Protecting Your Scalp

Healthy hair starts at the root. Protect against dry hair, dry scalp, and dandruff by using a product like Alchemy 27. If you’ve experienced hair breakage or damage, Alchemy 27 is the perfect way to revitalize your hair and make it more beautiful than ever. Alchemy 27 is entirely natural and uses black castor oil to strengthen the hair.

Black castor oil will boost your hair health overall, by not only eliminating dry hair and helping it grow, but preventing dry hair in the future.

Have you found any other benefits of black castor oil? Let us know in the comments below!


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