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How To Blow Dry Natural Hair

Many natural hairstyles look beautiful with lightly blowdried hair.

Black hair textures and similar curly types are susceptible to unnecessary cuticle damage from the blow-dryer, as it may cause breakage, moisture-loss, burned scalp, and heat damage. By following these simple steps, you will stretch your kinks and coils without damaging your delicate tresses, so that you can wear the healthy, natural hairstyle of your choice!


How To Blow Dry Natural Hair

1. Make sure you are working with freshly cleaned, detangled hair. You should detangle your hair using a proper brush. Read more about Kimberly’s favorite detangling brushes.

2. Divide the hair into four or more neatly separated sections. When your hair is sectioned, you will not snag other hair strands.

3. Wet each of the sections with a generous amount of  water and heat-protectant. Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Protective Moisture Leave-in Hair Treatment is designed to fill and seal the hair shaft while locking moisture and adding shine.

4. If you are blowdrying your hair, do not use too much of your favorite natural oil, such as coconut oil. While wonderful for sealing in moisture, natural oils in this context may cause your hair strands to smoke, melt, and burn under high heat.


5. Use a moderate heat setting. Increasing the heat setting will cause more surface damage to the hair strands.

6. For an aggressive blow dry treatment, use a brush or a comb attachment. If you use a brush, follow the blowdryer directly with your brush from the roots to the tip. Hold the blowdryer 15 cm away from your hair and work in a continuous motion.

7. If you are doing a light blow dry treatment, you can use your fingers with a diffuser attachment. Hold the blower away at least 15 cm away from the hair, and dry your hair from the roots to the tips in a continuous movement. Do not hold your hair directly in front of the dryer.

8. Water molecules will evaporate as you blow-dry, so continue to wet the other sections of hair as you continue through the process.

9. If you’re a natural, don’t use a natural oil. It will make the hair strands melt and cause the room to smoke.

10. Finish the job with a protective styling aid. Tonya Thompson of Dream Girls Hair Salon in Los Angeles recommends Agave Healing Oil Treatment to protect and moisturize heat-styled hair.

To learn more about healthy natural hair care, check out Kimberly’s eBook “Curly Halo,” which will teach you to build a healthy hair and life regimen to prevent breakage and yield growth.

Blowdrying Vs. Air-drying

Here’s the truth: Blowdrying natural hair exposes delicate hair strands to possible damage, especially when blowdrying is done frequently on a high-heat setting. Arguably, a weekly blow-dry will prevent you from seeing any real growth.

And yet, if you use proper technique, blowdrying can be considered a staple to a healthy haircare regimen. Light, infrequent heat stretches the hair strands and helps them to be more resilient. As such, we recommend blowdrying no more than twice per month.

Air-drying is an alternative method to dry natural hair. But beware, research has shown that air-drying causes damage to the cell membrane complex. This damage can be just as harmful as damage from heat-styling… Rather than air-drying after every wash, try sitting under a hairdryer hood on a medium/cool low setting for at least 15 minutes.

Demonstration On How To Blow Dry Hair By My Natural Sistas

We love how My Natural Sistas explains how to blow out natural hair quickly and efficiently. Depending on your hair goals, blow drying your hair can help you to achieve shine and volume, while reducing your styling time. My Natural Sistas uses a specially designed blow dryer comb for beautiful results; however, if your hair is particularly fragile or damaged, you may want to forgo attachments and hold the blow dryer 6 to 7 inches away and utilize the tension method instead. Remember to always use heat protectant.

To learn more about healthy natural hair care, check out Kimberly’s eBook “Curly Halo,” which will teach you to build a healthy hair and life regimen to prevent breakage and yield growth.


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