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Red, White, or Blue? … Wine, that is.


When it comes to dinner and wine, do you reach for a full-bodied red? A crisp and refreshing white?  Or a sweet, chilled… blue?

Blue Wine?  Is that a thing?  Why yes…  Now, it is.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the connoisseurs and sommeliers, or the considerable arrogance that seems to come along with certain knowledgeable wine drinkers, blue may be the wine for you.  In fact, Gik Live! is the anti-wine snob wine.


Gik, a company of six Spanish 20-somethings who had no previous wine knowledge whatsoever, came up with the idea of blue wine simply for fun, to reach out to new wine-drinkers — the ones who don’t know about the history or origins of grapes, but simply want to enjoy a delicious glass of blue.

Gik doesn’t believe that a person needs to have memorized the wine encyclopedia just to enjoy a glass.  So, forget the wine rituals you learned during church services, forget the rules about food pairings, which glasses to use, and even the difficult pronunciations of certain wines and regions.


The Gik team invented blue wine to make a statement, representing “movement, innovation, fluidity, change and infinity,” and they refuse to tell people where or how to enjoy their wine.


 “GIK represents the innovative side of life, because that’s how we are. We believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past and create our future.”

The Blue Wine

Gik’s blue wine gets its vivid color from anthocyanin, a natural pigment found in grape skins, and indigo dye. The wine itself has been said to taste like a sweet white wine.

With 11.5% alcohol by volume, the sweetness of blue wine comes from a calorie-free sweetener and is recommended to be consumed chilled, but true to GIK’s philosophy, you should drink it however you enjoy it.

For about 10 Euro a bottle (about $11) GIK Live is available for sale in Europe, but may be available in the US soon.

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Photo Sources: GIK and The Indepedent

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        1. Art says:

          I’Ve Always settled for a two buck chUck when it comes to wine, bUt this wine May be the key to BrOaden my horizons. I am intrigued by the novelty of tHis Wine aNd wonder if the influence that comes with it is just as appealIng. ThankS for the reccomendation. I look forward to trying gik when it hits the stAtes!!

  1. Ron says:

    Very informative article. I never got into the wine tasting culture and pretty much settled in as a non-drinker but after READING ELIZABETH’S articlE, I’m curious enOugh to have a TasTe to see What The excitement iS All About!

  2. kas says:

    I love wine but I prefer dry. If it’s too sweet is not enjoyable to me. If it makes it way to the states I’ll give it a try.

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