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Blueberry Scone Recipe For Dessert Or Breakfast

Blueberry-Dessert-Breakfast-RecipeWhen I was a girl spending the summer in Toronto, I was allowed to leave our apartment alone for a blueberry dessert for breakfast. I was 8 years old, and it was my first taste of freedom.

With two dollars in my pocket, I crossed the street and went to the local grocery store, which sold fresh blueberry scones in the mornings. The scones were still warm and the blueberries were thick and juicy. I couldn’t wait until I got back to our apartment on the 42nd floor – I’d eat my morning scone right in the hotel lobby or in the street.

15 years later, I still harbor a sweet spot for blueberry scones for breakfast or dessert. To me, blueberries are comforting; they represent home and safety. Though I can no longer eat a blueberry scone every morning, I still love to snack on fresh, juicy blueberries in the afternoon.

So much more than a vitamin C rich sweet treat, blueberries have the highest total antioxidants capacity per serving, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Antioxidants help the body cleanse free radicals, which are essentially toxic cellular wastes that potentially contribute to cancer and other age-related diseases. More information can be found on this article about the benefits of blueberries.


From Food Blogger The Vintage Mixer

If you’re feeling inspired to snack on a blueberry dessert or breakfast treat, then I came across this Blueberry Scone Breakfast recipe by the food blogger The Vintage Mixer. I’ve never tried this recipe, but based on the ingredients – which include vanilla, maple syrup, and oats – it will be an amazing treat to accompany a morning coffee or tea. Check out Running With Spoons blog for more vegan recipes.

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