Clink Glasses With The First Blue Prosecco This Summer!

May welcomes all kinds of celebrations, from graduations to weddings to barbecues. And what better way to celebrate than by popping open a bottle of Cinderella-blue sparkling wine?

Say hello to Blumond.

By: Elizabeth Toy

That’s right. Last year around this time, the spotlight was on Gik’s blue wine. And a couple weeks ago, Starbucks came out with their limited-time bright pink and blue Unicorn Frappuccinos. But it looks like our love affair with unconventionally-colored drinks isn’t over just yet.

Italian winemaker Fratelli Saraceni is introducing Blumond. It’s touted as possibly the most beautiful sparkling wine. The first blue Prosecco in the world is already predicted to be a hit this summer in Europe.


Blumond is made from traditional glera grapes (which are a traditional Prosecco variety). The drink is also made from sweet peaches and blue curacao (made from curacao oranges).

If for no other reason, Blumond may just be the libation of choice for any celebration. It’s basically a ready-to-drink cocktail in a bottle.

Blumond, native to Italy, is only 7% alcohol by volume. It’s argued whether it should actually be considered a wine at all.

Wines in Italy are required to contain at least 10% alcohol in order to be labeled as such.

Nonetheless, we’ll leave the debates to the sommeliers as we chill the flutes.  And get ready to toast at our next pool party with a bottle of Blumond.

Photo Courtesy: Fratelli Saraceni

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