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How To Use Body Language To Attract Romance This Summer

body language for loveBeing a successful flirt has little to do with your flawless looks.

Studies show that with the right body language, you can be approached by men and women at bars and clubs, regardless of how they rate you in terms of attractiveness.

These “signals” are not hard to do. Next time you go out, try a few of these body language tricks. Give a lot of these signals a try. Studies show that you must give at least 35 signals per hour for them to be effective! But, if you are giving them off correctly, suitors will be swarming like flies.

The secret to flirting: showing availability with your body.

1. Aim your toes, torso, and shoulders toward the person you’re attracted to.

It’s the ultimate form of engagement. If you’re speaking, definitely make sure that you are completely facing them. If you’re nervous, you may feel inclined to turn your body away toward a friend, but that’s a mistake. Show availability with your body to indicate that you’re interested.

2. It’s no surprise that smiling is one of the ultimate forms of flirting.

But, you might not have known that if you’re approaching someone from the opposite side of the room. it’s critical to smile to indicate that you are a friendly, safe person on the approach (and not a threatening person).

3. Look into the eyes of the person you are interested in.

Don’t be shy and look around the room or behind them or down at the ground. Count the number of blinks that your partner is having. It release oxytocin in the opposite person. Analyze eye color.

4. If you’re a woman, emphasize your hip-to-waist ratio.

Skip the babydoll dress, if you’re trying to find a dress that you like (wear it if you like it, of course). Also, emphasize your lips and your eyes with your makeup. Create the illusion of a more symmetrical face with foundation, highlighter, and concealer. These subtle cues subconsciously indicate that you are youthful and healthy.

5. Show off your gorgeous neck and show the roundness of your face.

If you are in the presence of someone you’re attracted to, you will naturally show off one of your sexiest features: your neck. Pheromones are released from the neck and other parts of the body. Use your natural scent to attract the perfect match for you. In the video below, body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards shows how you can angle your neck, chin, and face to attract the person of your desire.

6. Gently touch the person you are attracted on the knee or arm.

As you lean in to to whisper something into their ear, touch their shoulder. Touch is an extremely powerful experience for men and women. Touch ignites the creation of oxytocin, which one of the body’s strongest bonding chemicals. Touch will indicate to the person that you are with that you are interested.

Below, Vanessa Van Edwards discusses other body language cues you can practice in order to gain the attention or romance you’re seeking. Try them out this weekend! Let us know what happens here at

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