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Britta Aragon on Self-Care, Finding Joy, and Natural Beauty

“Sometimes, in tragedy, we find our life’s purpose. Let your purpose be one that serves others every day.”

Meet Britta Aragon, a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, author, and safe cosmetics expert.

After caring for her sick father for eight years during his battle with cancer, Britta found that many of the products labeled for “sensitive skin” actually contained a lot of harmful or irritating ingredients.

As an answer to self-care and caring for her loved one, Britta created and founded CV Skinlabs, a line of non-toxic, yet highly effective skincare products that both men and women could feel safe to use.

Today, Kimberly speaks with Britta about her career, self-care, finding joy, and what natural beauty means to her.

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Highlights from the Interview…

1:14 Meet Britta

2:08 Why Britta started CV Skincare

8:37 How toxins affect us

17:47 How Britta manages stress

Britta- Natural Beauty Digital Summit

22:40 “Connecting to the higher self and to God is the most important thing…”

24:32 On loving her natural self: when I had cancer at 16…

25:44 On being yourself and being enough

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Thank you for joining us! We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2016 Natural Beauty Summit and were able to take away some new perspective about inner beauty and inner peace as well as inspiration about what it means to love and accept yourself in a world that’s constantly changing its standards of both.



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