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An Actress’ Daughter Shares Her Thoughts On Hollywood & Authentic Living

Celebrity-DaughterBring your daughter to work was never just a day in my family; it was an entire way of life. An artist’s life is one of uncertainty, which somehow made me more patient and grounded.

My mother has always been an actress, first on stage and later in the films. As such, my earliest memories are of sitting on set, patiently watching play rehearsals that lasted for hours, for months at a time at boutique theaters and playhouses in Minnesota.

Many of these cast members are still dear family friends, and they tell me about little pranks they used to play on 3-year-old me. One friend, a wonderful stage actor, told me that once during a rehearsal, he took my lunchbox from my tiny fingers and used it as a prop during a scene. As soon as the scene was over, I ran onto the stage, snatched my lunchbox from his hands, and took it back to my seat. Even at such a young age, I knew the difference between that “stage” world and my real world.

Shortly thereafter, when I was four-years-old, we moved to Los Angeles, a city where the distinction between reality and fantasy is foggy. In this place, it’s very easy to get “lost” — dreams become too warped, thrown back your face, and so on.

Folks come to Los Angeles from across the world and they lose sight of what’s important: integrity, self-love, patience and kindness. In my (unsolicited) view, too many folks fail to realize that they have to give back in order to receive what they desire. By watching my mother in her career journey, I’ve learned that I must have faith and surrender, and recognize that whatever is meant to be will be in the end. An even tougher lesson? You have to set aside your ego and live from a place of growth and love. This patient nurturing of the soul, I hope, is communicated to you through Kimberly Elise Natural Living.

Take Your Daughter To WorkThese days, when I’m not off doing my own Hollywood thing, you’ll find me still at my mother’s side, still patiently watching rehearsals that last for months or laughing as Kimberly explains vegan living to a curious fan.

The month of May is quite special for us here at We are featuring mother-daughter stories, which you are welcome to submit to us for publication. We will also be featuring many more natural hair resources, to help guide you on your journey. Kimberly is a vegan, and we always feature our favorite cruelty-free recipes from around the web, which I encourage you to try. We wish to help you, ultimately, be a stronger, more authentically beautiful you through the care and love of your soul.

Warm wishes.

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    Rose (Roberta) Smalls
    April 28, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    I truly love Kimberly Elise and have since seeing her the first time on the big screen. She has been the most loving and giving spirit and that is portrayed in her craft.

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