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Clean Eating Goals To A Better You!

New Year, New You.. New Year, New Goals.. All of this is about to break the internet and I’m here for it. Yesss, because I feel like this is the time of year people want to be delivered.

I’m no longer the “food extremist” but more “the help me be extreme with food” person. It’s true. I show people how to change their plate and change their weight to live a healthier lifestyle. One method I advocate is clean eating.


clean eating

By DeChantell “De” Lloyd

I totally love this time of year, because it’s like Christmas for wellprenuers! I struggle 11 months out of the year to get people healthy.

However, when January comes around, resolutions are on everyone’s timeline.

Fitness facilities are flowing with overachievers who really don’t have time for that and operation: get healthy is plastered on everyone’s vision boards.  I’m here for it and you should be looking for me too! That’s only if you’re up for the challenge.

You can find out how to make a vision board here.

I say challenge because it’s hard for people to understand that food equals mood. Then when I introduce clean eating, people ask about it. It’s a coaching process to help people understand you can have whatever you like (T.I. Voice), but in moderation and with a better understanding on how eating this makes you feel.

I know this may sound foreign or vague, so let me give you 3 tips to clean eating.

  1. Eat more vegetablesclean eating
    • Start with familiar and then take risk
    • Eat leafy greens (i.e. spinach and/or kale)
  2. Eat whole grains
    • Stay away from white flour and bread
    • Eat quinoa, oatmeal and brown rice.
  3. Less processed foods
    • Stop shopping for all the food in the freezer section.
    • Eat fresh and make home-cooked meals.

You can find some home-cooked meal recipes here.

Remember, clean eating is bringing awareness to what you’re feeding yourself.

My guide is a journey about my process and how having a better relationship with food changed my life.

You can download my 10 Step Clean Eating Guide to Living on Amazon and iTunes, where I tell an amazing story about my journey. All proceeds go to charity.

When you think about wellness, think about me. #iPutTheWellinWellness.

Live Well,


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