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Co-washing: Conditioner Only Washing

What is Co-washing?

Don’t worry Co-washing won’t deviate much from your normal wash day routine and might actually decrease your wash time! Co-washing is a method of washing hair that doesn’t include shampoo. The “Co” stands for conditioner only. A lot of naturals wash their hair only once a week on wash-day to avoid drying out their hair too much. Co-washing only uses conditioning and moisturizing agents while leaving behind products that have drying properties.


Is Co-washing for you?

Co-washing isn’t for everyone. It works best for people with curly hair given its vulnerability. If your hair tends to be dry and has a hard time staying moisturized, shampoo could be adding to the problem. The ideal candidate for a co-washing routine is someone who has hair that isn’t incredibly oily. This is because shampoo tends to strip your hair of its natural oils every time you wash.

Curly hair tends to work well with co-washing methods because the natural oils in curly hair take a longer time to replenish and recirculate down each strand. Shampoo can strip your natural oils and leave your curls dry and lifeless. Skipping shampoo during your wash routine can help your hair maintain moisture and look refreshed.


Co-Wash Tutorial 

In the video above Youtube, SunKissAlba made an easy demo of how to co-wash natural hair. Although she has a looser curl pattern, co-washing can be accomplished on any type of curl texture. In addition to conditioner she showcasing the clarifying agents she uses to give her hair shine and bounce. Give co-washing a try and see if it works for you!

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