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Coloring Your Natural Hair? Read This First

Things To Consider When Coloring Natural Hair

Things To Consider When Coloring Natural Hair

When going lighter, there is always a risk because bleach is involved.

A chemical, like ammonia, is applied to hair to strip it of it’s natural color revealing hues of orange and yellow in naturally dark hair. Those hues might be unflattering on their own, so it’s important to go to a trusted hair stylist when going lighter. Here are five tips to remember when coloring your hair!

Consider Semi-Permanent And Rinse Out Hair Dyes

If you’re not going very light, and want to try auburn, purple, or another dark color, at home hair dyes might be for you! Semi-permanent and rinse out hair dyes will leave you with your desired look that will fade with time. If you use a permanent hair dye, your roots will require touch ups every so often; however, if you go with highlights and semi-color your natural hair might blend better overtime and require less touch ups.

Go With A Gentle Hair Dye

There are herbal based, ammonia-free, and low PPD dyes used in certain hair salons. Make sure to ask your stylist if they have less harsh hair dyes that won’t leave your hair dry and damaged prior to your appointment.

Be Careful With Your Dyed Hair

Make sure to go to a trusted hair professional who has the health of your hair in mind. It’s better to have someone else do it if you’d like to use permanent hair dye due to their chemical make-up. Doing it yourself, without experience, could leave you disappointed and with brittle hair. If you’re convinced you’d like to dye your hair on your own maybe try a milder hair dye to start. Also, make sure you’re safe by using gloves, follow the package directions, and rinse it out completely.

Keep Your Hair Soft And Healthy

Because dyed hair can be sensitive make sure to use heat protectants and keep your hair moisturized. Moisturize your hair everyday and stay away from sulfate containing shampoos and conditioners.

Rock Your New Color

Now that you know a few tips on going about the coloring process safely, have fun! Rock your new hairdo with confidence and enjoy all the new styling options with newly colored hair.

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