7 Creative & Romantic Date Ideas
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7 Creative And Romantic Date Ideas

As much as you love spending time with your special someone, it is completely normal for your nights to become extremely predictable and maybe even a little dull.

Sometimes all you really need are some creative date ideas to spice things up.

Doing something that you’ve never done before can bring out certain qualities that you’ve never noticed or maybe even love about your partner. This can create a stronger bond with your lover, or in other cases help you open up to someone you’ve just met. Here are 7 creative date ideas that you can both enjoy!

7 Creative & Romantic Date Ideas


7 Creative & Romantic Date Ideas

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1. Home Bound Movie Night

Movie nights are definitely a classic option for a night out, but are not always creative date ideas. If you’re bored of the movie theater, try putting a twist on it by staying home with your favorite finger foods and some old school movie favorites: Love and Basketball, Rocky, or maybe something a little scary.

Cozy up underneath a comfy blanket and use each other as your pillows while cuddling. You’re sure to have an awesome movie night.

Try out these easy snack recipes for your next movie screening!

2. Cooking Lessons

Cooking with your Sweetheart can be such an intimate experience. The touching, communication, and all the opportunities to talk flirty to one another can really make for a great night.

Try something a little different by going out for an actual cooking lesson with other couples. It’ll be a great way to show off your cute loving ways to one another and find satisfaction in something that you’ve created together.

Food seems to have its mysterious ways of bringing people closer.

When you’re at home, try out this recipe for Sweet Chili Asparagus with your significant other!

3. Local Festivals

No matter how long you and your special one have been together, holding hands will always bring some rejuvenation to every date night.

Going to local festivals and exploring your city together will definitely offer some one-on-one time to do just that!

There’s nothing cuter than spending some quality time outdoors, in the cool Autumn weather just keeping each other close and warm. Try a jazz festival, art festival, or maybe something where you can try new foods with the perfect music playing in the background.

Check out these 7 creative ways to fall in love with your city.

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4. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting may sound a bit fancy, but it can actually be a light and laid back experience.

You might even think it sounds expensive, but you can actually find great deals for under $30 per person!

Just think of how nice it would be to try some new wine, while all of your senses are soaring in the mist some good conversation.

5. Picnic by the Lake

A picnic by the lake could be considered a casual date, but simplicity is perfection and your date would be crazy to not appreciate all the effort and thought process you put into it.

A picnic will always make for a great creative date idea after ending it with a nice walk along the lake.

6. Salsa Night

Dancing with your partner can offer opportunities for sensuality, touching, and reading one another’s body language.

Not only is it extremely sexy to feel this person you’re attracted to dancing against you, but this will definitely add excitement to your relationship outside of your salsa class as well.

Photo Source: Examiner

Photo Source: Examiner


7. Indoor Rock Climbing

There’s nothing more attractive than being able to instil a sense of trust into your beau or lady. Rock climbing will bring you closer together when building trust and team work.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they were the Bonnie to your Clyde? Not only is rock climbing a great way to build trust, but it can also be completely sexy to watch your partner impress you!

Need help learning to improve your trust? Try realigning your throat chakra.

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So when your night is still young with nothing to do, just think of these 7 Creative Date Ideas to liven up your week and get you closer to your Sweetheart! Have fun guys and remember, as longer as your spending time with someone you love, your adventures will always be an unforgettable one!

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