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Dining With Kimberly: A Mediterranean Meal To Live For At Crossroads Kitchen

If you were to ask Kimberly where to enjoy a stimulating meal in Los Angeles, she might recommend Crossroads, a small-plates Mediterranean restaurant in West Hollywood.

Its cozy, yet upscale tapas-style dining is a welcome relief from the chaos of Melrose.

Choose from a menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, like porcini truffle fondue and crab cakes, and lobster mushrooms.

My favorite dish is the oysters, which LA Mag calls a divine combination of

[…] artichoke puree, kelp caviar, and fried oyster mushrooms [which] create a slurpable experience meant to mimic the briny mollusks.

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Cross Roads Kitchen | Chef Tal Ronnen | 8284 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 | | Photos by Lisa Romerein

Nevermind that the menu is entirely plant-based, meaning that no animal-derived sustenance will touch your lips. Amazing, rich flavors explode in your mouth.

What’s it like traveling while working as a vegan? Kimberly shares her experience in Montreal, Canada.

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