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Crystal Healing: Gemstones to Enhance Your Intuition

By: Amy Cousin

We’ve all had that feeling that we know something’s about to happen or that we should do something. Call it your spidey-sense, or call it what it is – intuition.

It’s great when we listen to it, but how often do we say, “I knew I should have …” in hindsight. Here are a few sparkly gems that will help you to clear your head and enhance your intuition. Best of all, their colors are perfect for a fashionable summer-fall transition!




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Sunstone is considered a stone of abundance, personal power, and leadership because once we let its energy shine through cloudy thoughts, we are unstoppable!

How to identify: pale orange to deep orange. It shimmers and sparkles (depending on its origin), and can be transparent to opaque. There are two types of sunstone: the shimmery type comes from hematite inclusions and is generally mined in India; the sparkly type comes from copper inclusions and is found in Oregon.

Sunstone is appropriately named for its sparkling warm light. In crystal healing, we wear it for its connection to light to strengthen the positivity in our lives. Sunstone has a bright, joyful energy that helps lighten dark moods and heavy feelings while gently removing the energy-draining “hooks” that people sometimes attach to us. It replaces self-doubt and fear with positive thoughts and optimism, which in turn encourages feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Its sparkling energy stimulates motivation and positive action. It’s no wonder that whenever I make a piece of jewelry with Sunstone, I start humming Johnny Nash’s song “I Can See Clearly Now.”



Photo Source: We Heart It

Using Moonstone as a stone of intuition, self-discovery, and insight, we can take action and find our groove in new cycles to experience success.

How to identify: white, silvery gray, blue, beige-brown, light orange to peach, clear. Most Moonstones are lustrous. Rainbow Moonstone can be cloudy to translucent with colorful internal flashes of light called opalescence.

Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and is the yin to Sunstone’s yang association with masculine energy. Both gemstones work together harmoniously and their energies are beneficial to everyone, regardless of gender identity.

Just like the cycles of the moon, Moonstone encourages us to tune in to the cycles of our lives. As we begin each new cycle, its soothing energy can enhance our emotional stability and reduce stress.


Labradorite helps strengthen our intuition and bolster our trust in ourselves, while stimulating our enthusiasm and creativity.

How to identify: silvery gray, blue, or green. Labradorite can be translucent to lustrously clouded, with a spectrum of colorful flashing light called labradorescence.

Labradorite is one of those stones that make you say oooh and ahhh as its inner lights flash playfully from unexpected angles. While Labradorite is called a stone of transformation, its healing energies lie in its ability to protect the wearer by preventing others from tapping in to our personal energy and draining us, especially during the cycles of transformation.

All this amazing gemstone energy brings us full circle – wearing these three gemstones together makes a powerful and beautiful statement of our intent to celebrate our whole being. We sparkle and we know it!

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About Amy Cousin

Amy Cousin is a jewelry designer and a freelance writer based in Minnesota. She specializes in creating energetically connected handcrafted pieces and uses ethically sourced gemstones, eco friendly metals and upcycled elements for her line, ​Amy Cousin Jewelry​. She earned a B.A. in communication from Tulane University.

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