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Crystal Healing: 3 Gemstones To Bring Love Into Your Life

Have you ever tried crystal healing to find romance or new love?

If you haven’t, you should try it. It’s fun! We all want some form of love, don’t we? Sometimes we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to get it: we’ll change our hair, our clothes, our perfume, even act the way we think our desired one wants us to be. This is all in the name of l-o-v-e. 

However, more times than we care to admit, these efforts do not come to fruition and are unsatisfying. (That’s a nice way of saying we fail miserably!)

Ahhh, if we could only channel that effort and energy into where it really counts: ourselves.

Since we’re talking about love, here are three gemstone beauties that I use to create intentional jewelry. These necklaces and bracelets are designed to connect the wearer to the energy of love.

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1. Rose Quartz

How To Identify: Soft pink to pale pink; translucent.

After diamonds, Rose Quartz is one of the most recognizable gemstones associated with love. Rose Quartz radiates harmony in relationships by gently reminding us to heal our emotional heart with self-love. Loving ourselves is the first step. And ultimately, it enables us to share love as well as to receive it.

Some people believe that by wearing Rose Quartz, they can make the object of their affection to fall head over heals in love with them. So. Not. True. After all, making someone fall in love is a manipulation that we do not want to be part of. Ever.

2. Prehnite

How To Identify: Soft green to pale yellow-green to white, often with Epidote inclusions; translucent.

Prehnite is gaining popularity, not only because its color range is so complementary, but also because it is such a pretty, translucent green stone that seems to glow from within. We can’t help but keep calm and release nervous energy when we wear or hold a piece of Prehnite. Prehnite is said to bring joy to the heart and peace to the mind.

And what does that have to do with love? Everything! A joyful heart and a peaceful environment allow love to blossom.

crystal healing

3. Unakite

How To Identify: Mottled greens and pinks; opaque.

Unakite, also called epidote with feldspar, is a combination of epidote, feldspar, and quartz. Its name comes from the Greek epidosis, meaning “growing together.” In order to grow together, Unakite reminds us to increase our feelings of self-worth by releasing negative emotions. When we replace self-doubt with self-confidence, we increase our ability to accept love and caring from others.

Crystal Healing: Beautiful Tools Within Our Reach

Most gemstones have a lore or meaning associated with them. Many people around the world are attuned to these meanings or vibrations, and use them on a daily basis. We use them too, like when we wear birthstone jewelry or engagement rings.

Here’s a little secret: we can use gemstones to remind ourselves to tap into a gem’s meanings (energetic vibration) and no one has to know what we’re doing. We don’t have to get all woo-woo about it. We just wear the gemstones that connect to the energetic meanings we’re trying to resonate with. However, the gemstones won’t do the work for us. They serve as helpers, reminding us to vibe on their frequency. Additionally, they’re sooo pretty!

A little shift in thinking brings lovely results. If we shift the meaning of the song “Love the One You’re With” (written by Stephen Stills, inspired by Billy Preston) and take it a little higher, we can say there’s something powerful and energizing about that chorus, because you are always with yourself!

It isn’t being selfish or egocentric to love yourself. It’s about making ourselves a priority and then recognizing that the energy we put out is the same energy we receive.

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Author Bio:

Amy Cousin is a jewelry designer and a freelance writer based in Minnesota. She specializes in creating energetically-connected handcrafted pieces and uses ethically-sourced gemstones, eco-friendly metals and upcycled elements for her line, Amy Cousin Jewelry. She earned a B.A. in communication from Tulane University. Photography by ML Cousin.

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