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How To Achieve Gorgeous Healthy Curls Using A Curling Wand

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Mae, natural hair and lifestyle blogger of, shows us an alternative to the traditional blow dry and wash method, which can be time consuming and damaging for your hair. (To learn how to properly blow dry your hair, click here).

She uses the Q-Redew, which is a handheld hair steamer that can moisturize, reshape, detangle, restyle, stretch, and hydrate hair. It’s great for adding moisture and reshaping second day hair. After moisturizing with the Q-Redew, Mae seals the moisture into her hair with her favorite hair butter. Find out which products she recommends at her Youtube page.


After her hair is thoroughly stretched, she applies heat protectant to her hair, and she wraps her hair around the wand’s barrel to achieve a defined curl. She reminds us to make sure the hair does not sit on the barrel for too long!

After doing this technique, Mae achieves a gorgeous, full, healthy curls.


Visit Mae’s blog and Youtube channel for more healthy hair care tips. She’s a lovely blogger who is pursing her PhD in engineering. Go girl!

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