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Debra Cartwright: Art & Her Natural Hair Journey: “You’re Beautiful. You’re Strong.”

“You’re beautiful. You’re strong” are the words Debra Cartwright spoke to herself when she began her natural hair journey.

For Women Crush Wednesday, we’re featuring a 2016 interview between Debra and Kimberly about natural hair and authentic beauty. For more of her work, follow Debra on Instagram or check out her web site.

pineapple_natural_debra_cartwrightHighlights From The Interview…

3:25 : Meet Debra. What a girl from Maryland did to follow her dreams.

5:28 : Why Debra went natural.

9:46 : “I need to create in my free time… Let me create these images that I want to see.”

11:07 : “You’re beautiful, you’re strong. It was for me…”

12:46 : Deeper issues in the African American community and issues around the world expressed through art.

13:54 : “I want to express exactly how I feel at the time. I need to get this out.”

15:36 : If you’re feeling it, just do it and put it out there because you never know what kind of impact you’re gonna make.”

16:22 : Others way to find balance: working out, cooking, I make teas.


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