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Drying Your Hair With DYAKIM’s Textured Turban

When you step out of the shower after washing your hair, what do you reach for to dry your hair? A towel? Don’t do it!

The heavy fibers on towels are perfect for absorbing water on your body but terrible for your fragile tresses.

What about a cotton T-shirt? It’s much better for your hair, but not nearly big enough.

Instead, consider reaching for DYAKIM’s Textured Turban. These natural hair towels dry your hair without stripping the natural oils that cause your hair to over-dry. These towels are designed for textured hair, and are made from tangle-free fibers that prevent hair breakage.

The fabric blend of polyester and polyamide is designed to create a plush fiber with a high absorbency. Plus, the textured turban will withstand 300 washes while it maintains its plush surface.

Check out more reasons to add DYAKIM’s Textured Turban to your hair routine, from their website.

• Made from a special soft nylon fabric blend that absorbs excess water, retains just enough moisture to eliminate frizz, and enhances curl shape.

• Dries all hair types and textures leaving your hair 85% air-dry, prepped and ready for a blowout and ceramic styling.

• Secures easily on the head creating three fashionable wearable turbans.

• Easy to clean, machine washable, and lint free.textured turban

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