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10 Edible Beauty Essentials In Your Kitchen

There’s no need to rush to the drug store to pick up your beauty essentials.

This list of natural beauty products are right in your pantry, and are healthier for your skin. Plus, they’re edible! Mother Nature is right here, waiting for us to utilize some of her most precious gifts. Here is a hearty list of our favorite edible beauty treasures!

Edible-Beauty-Essentials-In-Your-Kitchen-olives1. Olive Oil

Olive oil offers endless skin and beauty benefits. Not only is olive oil one of the most top consumed edible oils, it is heaven sent when it comes to the beauty world!

This natural product can be used as a lip scrub (when combined with a course sugar or salt, such as sea salt), a make-up brush cleaner, a make-up remover, and even a hair treatment! This oil also contains antioxidants such as vitamin-E, which is an antioxidant that helps to keep your skin from aging.


2. Coconut Oil

coconutHuman studies have shown coconut oil to be a natural hydration for dry skin. Coconut oil smells extremely delicious and is definitely a product that you may find yourself becoming addicted to.

Olive oil can be used as a natural shaving cream, deep conditioner, body serum and a healthy cooking oil alternative. You may want to buy an extra jar once you experience all that it can do.

lemon3. Lemon

Lemons are high in vitamin C, and have been used to maintain a healthy immune system and fight various infections. Lemons can also be incorporated into your next beauty regimen. Try using it as your daily skin toner or combine it with some coconut oil to use it as a moisturizer!

4. Walnuts

I bet you didn’t know that walnuts could help you sleep better! Research from  the University of Texas Health Science Center found that these hard-shelled nuts contain a compound known as melatonin, which has been associated with improved sleeping patterns. We all know how important it is to have our beauty rest.

A good night’s rest will leave less room for stress, which also contributes to healthier skin.


5. Strawberries

strawberryHold off on those whitening strips, which can cause gum irritation and tooth pain and sensitivity, and make a shorter trip to your refrigerator!

Strawberries aren’t just there to be covered in chocolate, but instead can be used as a natural teeth whitener…okay maybe you can save a few for your dessert. Dr. Oz himself has backed up this natural teeth-whitening berry on his website, stating that strawberries are powerful teeth whiteners that contain both an astringent and vitamin C! They

They are irresistible! When applied to the skin, it can be used to fight acne, and protects against ultraviolet radiation, which causes sun damage.


6. Cucumber

benefits-of-cucumbersBefore leaving your place for that hot date, you might want to try munching on some cucumber.

This fresh crisp fruit can fight bad breath, and aids in killing any bacteria in the mouth and gums.

Studies listed in the Huffington Post even mention that these crunchy munchies encourage the production of saliva, the bacteria rinse agent. Cucumber can also helps with reducing puffy or stressed looking eyes. It contributes to the tightening and revitalization of your skin when used frequently. For a refreshing smoothie recipe, click here.


7. Sea Salt

If you’re having a stressful day, try relaxing in a bath of warm sea salted water. This Vitamin-C packed salt is known to reduce stress, and remove toxins from the skin when used as a main ingredient in a natural exfoliator. Sea salt is also great for overly oily hair and can reduce the oiliness, while still nourishing every hair follicle.


8. Green Tea

This tea is a healthier alternative to those frequent coffee runs. It assists in a healthy weight maintenance, and also serves as a diuretic to help reduce bloating from water retention. Researchers have also found that green tea can help tone the skin when applied topically.

9. Kale

Kale seems to be trending as the new super-food, and this savvy green leaf definitely has a good reason for its stardom! Kale might be a little scary to work with at first, but when consumed frequently, can offer a number of health and beauty benefits.

The antioxidants in kale can help keep your skin feeling and looking great. WebMD states in an 8-Facts About Kale article that one cup of chopped raw kale provides more than 100% of the daily value of vitamins A, C, and K. This canIt also contributes to weight management and an increase to your metabolism.  The omega-3 packed veg will help strengthen your hair and nails as well!


10. Water

One of the main causes for dehydrated skin is the lack of consistent water intake. Water has been identified as a natural stress reliever, and skin revitalizer.

Not only does mounts of water consumption help burn fat, but it also keeps your eyes healthy and white, and brings out the natural radiance in your skin. Click here to find out how much water you should drink every day!

Now my only question is: What are you going to do with all that extra cash you were about to spend at the drug store?


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